Experience America's Southwest scenic and sacred landscapes, mystic insights, ceremony. Sedona Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreats, 1 - 7 days; Modern Day Mystic Soul Journey shamanic and conscious evolution mentoring sessions--at studio and on-line. Hopi, Navajo, Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly group tour or independent traveler that begins with cultural program in Sedona. Special programs for New Year's, solstice, equinox, full moon and celestial events. Sacred site connection, vision quest in nature, circle of power ceremony, sunset-starlight circles, nature energies and awareness, mythology both ancient and modern, original and informative articles.

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Mini Calendar 2016 upcoming programs

-personalized Insight Retreats
-Shamanic mentoring sessions to address your issues/goals.
-Mystic Insights Seminar in nature

photo by Kristin Elizabeth Regina

February - scheduling personalized insight retreats focusing on Conscious Re-Creation of the next phase of your life: insight sessions woven with nature infusion and ceremonial activation.

Feb. 13-14
Nature, Ceremony and Heart's Longing Seminar
Day 1 is outdoor nature + ceremony
Day 2 is morning insight session

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March 11-13
Conscious ReCreation:
Instigating the Next Becoming Retreat
A joyful, flowing 3 days of creative insight experiences, nature inspiration and ceremony to stimulate/energize a fresh beginning in some aspect of your life.

March 18-21
Spring Equinox Deepening Shamanic & Ceremonial Practice Retreat,
Intensive program to provide training for teachers and others on a deep self-empowerment path.

April 21-24
Nature, Soul & Vision Retreat
~~ Full Moon and Earth Day~~
Joyful time connecting with nature as a spiritual insight practice + creative insight shamanic journey experiences and ceremonies.

May 20-22
Nature, Soul and Vision Full Moon Retreat

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Any time of year, consider this uplifting 4 or 6-hour seminar in nature:
Mystical Insights, Nature Connection Practices & Ceremony:

A day of mystic insights using shamanic journey, noticing signs, connecting with earth energy and inner knowings. We weave these connections with the spirits of nature, spirit helpers and nature energies for grounding with the Earth freeing our sense of what is emerging for you at this time. You will have flowing exeriences & ceremonies with water, walking a labyrinth and 4-path Ancestor Wheel to activate your insights.
Flexible on time, can go out at sunset or sunrise or starlight

6 hours,
more insight experiences and more time to learn about ceremony:
$185 pp with min. of 3 people
(for 2, $250 each)

4 hours:
at a date that works for you.
$135 each with 3 people
($185 each with 2)
includes entry fee to site at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek

Can add 2.5 hour Vortex Journey to above:
$80 pp with min. of 3;
$105 pp with 2 people
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Full Moon Mystic Insights
and Ceremony Circle

A personalized circle created for the season and participants: mystic insight journeys to the drum, connecting with moon and nature at night vibrations, ceremony to activate positive change in your life. Held outdoors spring - fall,
3 hours
$90 pp with 3 ($130 pp with 2, 2.5 hrs) 2016 dates:

March 23, 5:30 - 8:30 pm
April 21, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
May 21, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
June 20, 7 - 10 pm--summer solstice
July 19, 6:45 - 9:45 pm
Aug. 18, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Sept. 1, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Sept. 30, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Oct. 30, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

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May 28 - 30
Mystic Memorial Day Weekend

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Hopi option
Special Hopi Healer Circle Journey

please email if you are interested

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HOPI and/or Navajo
Independent Traveler Program

Deepen your Sedona retreat with personal time with a knowledgeable, wise Hopi guide. 1 or more days.

Your adventure begins with a seminar in Sedona and you drive up to meet your Hopi guide.

Hopi white cliffs turn red in setting winter solstice sun. Image by Sandra Cosentino, 12-21-12.

You can extend this with Canyon de Chelly, Navajo experience of canyon jeep tour, rock art, special circles and ceremony.

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Pt. 1 article

Attention and Mystical Perception, Pt. 2 article

Shamanic Journey in Today's World: Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe; Pt. 3 --article, images

Vision Quest; Pt. 4 article, images

Conscious ReCreation: Instigating the Next Becoming, Pt 5 article

Crossing Worlds videos:

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Spirit of the Southwest Blog

Southwest Cross-Cultural Wisdom Circle Blog:

Calendar (more details here)

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Sedona is a gateway
to mythological lands of natural power and beauty.

Are you feeling the call to renew your vision, de-stress, & absorb the vitality and primal beauty of this high desert land & clear night skies?
Spirit of Place & fresh perspectives come alive as you explore sacred sites, nature energies, ancestral wisdom and insight skills of the modern day mystic, participate in ceremony; or experience Hopi and Navajo lands, culture and peoples.
Spring Equinox Deepening Shamanic & Ceremonial Practice Retreat
new...Conscious ReCreation Retreat: Instigating the Next Becoming
new...Deepening Shamanic & Ceremonial Practice Retreat intensive
Sedona Tours
Shamanic Insight Skills mentoring in Sedona or online
Ceremonies, sound healing
Native American Experiences

• personalized programs
dawn, sunset, moon-starlight options
• articles, images, newsletter

Sedona CC welcome

Enter the many worlds of Crossing Worlds:

Sedona Tours and Nature Experiences

Explore amid red landscape temples, "vortex", prehistoric sites and qualities that have made this a place of inspiration for thousands of years in a personalized way that connects you with the energies and essence of these special places and the surrounding region. Hear legends and world views--both ancient and metaphysical--you decide your truth of this mythological place! Also, geology, natural and human history, archaeology with your guide who is native to Arizona with a depth of spirit of place insights to share.

Tours & Earth Connection index

Sedona Explorer and Sedona Sacred Vortex Tours
(can combine with Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar)
Earth & Sky Speaks to Us Seminar in Nature
Sunset & Starlight Nature with Sacred Solo Circle experience
Spirit of Sedona Circle, 1.5 hours: stories, energies, insights, ancestors, regional perspective

photo by Tom White

Conscious Evolution - Modern Day Mystic - Ceremony

Modern Day Mystic - Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe with timeless pathways of the soul known as "shamanism" updated for today's world and mentored in the context of working with nature, dreams and ceremony. These direct experiences of expanded reality and helper spirits shift perceptions and create new neural pathways. New insights flow in that support conscious re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your soul.
(please see blog articles:
Shamanic Journey, Nature Mystic, Attention, Ceremony, Vision Quest, Indigenous Soul, Stars)

Develop an intimate, attentive relationship to Nature and her energies, beings, intelligence and the signs that flow to us to deepen confidence & awareness, release stress, invoke joy.

Ceremony--work with intention, guidance, cosmic energies, sacred space to create positive change.

Conscious evolution insight tools that enhance shamanic & nature practices such as lucid dreaming, tracking and clearing embedded energies/patterns, meditation, listening to the inherent wisdom of our body.

Mindfulness--here-now clear-eyed Presence with Self as your point of power and freedom.

Mystic Insight Sessions, Nature Connection, and Retreats in Sedona area
• Shaman-Seer Experiential Sessions
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey (can combine with Vortex Tour).
4 or 6 hour programs at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek with ceremonial structures:
a flowing time with mystic insight, nature connection, ceremony

Be Your Own Shaman-Healer Retreats, 4-5 days (scheduled at dates that work for you)
2 -3 day Mini-Retreat Options:
2A. Opening to Mystic Seeing and Earth-Spirit Awareness
2B. Core Skills: Shamanic Journey & Nature Connection
2C. Aligning With Greater Self Shamanic Practice

Sedona Vision Quest Retreats, 7 or 8 day program with one (or more) night(s) out solo on your own--this is an extended version of the 4 day Being My Own Shaman-Seer Retreat.

• Mystic Vision Weekend for those who do not have time to commit to a full week vision quest program: develop some core skills as you give yourself an energetic break from your busy world and let some fresh insights flow in.

special retreat programs/circles can be arranged on Hopi and Navajo lands as an extension of Sedona area earth-spirit insight work.


Circle of Power Shamanic Drum Healing Ceremony & Teaching

Full Moon Mystic Insights & Ceremony

Ceremony created for you to honor your intention/rite of passage/special day


• Seasonal Events Index--solstice & equinox, holidays
Celestial Events--full moon, new moon, meteors, eclipse
• Scheduled 2014 Retreats (others can be created at any time of year)

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Native American Cultures; sacred, archaeological & historical sites; Colorado Plateau region canyonsoverview

The Colorado Plateau is a compelling, primordial region with the largest concentration of national monuments, parks and spectacular canyon and mesa landscapes anywhere. The land is alive with stories of Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Zuni, & other Native peoples still living on their ancestral homelands. Explore prehistoric pueblo cliff dwellings, rock art.

Guided personalized group tour or independent traveler program that begins with in depth seminar in Sedona with Sandra Cosentino who has decades of experience with the lands, peoples and cultures of the region.

Grand Canyon - Sacred Peaks Tour

• 1 day journey, authentic, personalized
(independent traveler option also available that begins with a Sedona area seminar)

Hopi and Navajo Lands & Peoples
• 1- 4 day seminar/journeys. Authentic, respectful, personalized experiences of the 2 most traditional cultures in North America. We visit villages, homes, enjoy traditional food, see seasonal activities, hear the stories, share special circles, arts demonstrations, special circles.

Native Infusion Earth-Spirit Retreat Journeys
Hopi and Canyon de Chelly, Grand Canyon with blessing and campfire circles, Navajo fire ceremony, starlight jeep ride in the Canyon de Chelly, Hopi and Navajo hosts. Created for groups of 4 or more or independent traveler program arranged that begins in Sedona seminar with Sandra Cosentino based on a life time of experience.

Southwest Ancient Cultures Journeys
• to Hopi, Navajo, Zuni Pueblos, trading posts behind the scenes--each has special fairs, seasonal activities and personal interactions with warm Native American hosts arranged for groups of 4 or more.

Sandra Cosentino, M.S.,operator, owner and head quide for Crossing Worlds Journeys, has been offering quality experiences of the Southwest since 1991. Prior to that she was a school teacher, natural resource manager, forest service fire look-out, land developer and conservationist; also worked professionally for and with Native American groups. She creates customized experiences for individuals, colleges, universities, families, businesses, international and domestic groups and visitors from around the world. This includes: nature-cultural and earth-spirit personal growth seminars/tours. Her circle of heartful, knowledgeable guides and teachers include traditional Native Americans living on their homelands and other talented professional guides, resource people, and holistic practitioners.

A native of this land from an Arizona pioneer family, Sandra draws on a lifetime's experience of exploring the Southwest, listening to and being inspired by Nature and drawing from friendship and respect with indigenous Peoples. Sensuous red canyons, jagged volcanic mountains and buttes of the Colorado Plateau, Alaska wilderness and the Andes are part of Sandra's inner landscape. She resonates with the vibrant energies of a land alive with stories, sun and rocks that speak to us and renew life. Her informed passion, knowledge of the land and peoples, mystical understandings, intuition and warm welcome create a bridge for you to enter these worlds.

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Our ecotour policy:
Crossing Worlds Journeys creates a rich sense of place with authentic, personalized cultural and nature experiences that respect the Native and local peoples and the land from which they spring. We explore in depth the cultures, human history and natural history of the region. We bring together circles of people so the inherent dignity and wisdom of all are honored, bringing understanding and economic benefits to the local peoples. Our non-profit branch does service projects in Hopi lands. We share our love of the earth with our guests, teach principles of minimizing impact to the land, recommend organic and local foods as a key to good health, and support local stewardship groups.

Operating under permit to:
• Coconino National Forest
(see articles on low impact enjoyment of our Red Rock Ranger District)
• Hopi Tribe
member of :
• Sedona Chamber of Commerce
• Verde Valley Archaeology Center
• Astronomers of Verde Valley
• Grand Canyon Association

Reservation and Cancel policy: deposits are required for Sedona Tours which are refundable less a $25 pp office fee with 2 weeks prior notice by email or writing; non-refundable with less than 2 weeks prior notice. Final payments due at beginning of tour in cash.
Retreats, special ceremonies and cultural tours are paid in full 35 days in advance (non-refundable with less than 35 days notice); deposits are required which are refundable less 50% office/planning/coordination fee with 60 days prior notice; non-refundable after that.
Meeting place info and my cell phone contact is given at time of registration. Please note: I do not send or accept text messages and do not have the cell phone on full time when in the office or when I am busy with clients. I ask guests to give me their cell phone contact and hotel phone contact in case of last minute need to communicate any changes.


Articles: on pilgrimage, sound healing, nature awareness,
the call of the Ancient Southwest, Native American topics, dreams, shamanic perspectivies, eco-tourism


Calendar of events


cd coverCD: Medicine Wheel Wisdom-Guided Journeys

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

The non-profit service arm of Crossing Worlds: a bridge for cross-cultural learning from ancient wisdom of Mother Earth and earth-based cultures. We facilitate special projects on Hopi lands in support of cultural continuance.

We invite you to join in our Hopi Projects providing food, clothing and gifts to familes and supporting Hopi pre-schoolers and cross-cultural events in Sedona area!

See Hopi project video
Ancient Ways Co-Exist With Today

You are invited to become a part.
Please sign up for the occasional non-profit and Hopi cultural info newsletter
and "like" our Cross-Cultural sites:
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