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About Sandra....

I founded Crossing Worlds in 1991 to share my passion for landscapes, cultures and spiritual/personal growth inspirations I have experienced.

The path of knowing by direct experience, the mystic's way is one that is innate within. Each time I heard and heeded that calling to experiences in wild nature and ancient sites and Native cultures, new doors opened I had not imagined. My passion for wild places carries over into aware dreaming with direct vibrational experiences of medicine animals and the natural world.

Wild nature has always been my healer, my best friend. I am from an Arizona pioneer family and all my life I have explored and gone to nature for sustenance. I know the Colorado Plateau as a luminous lightscape that helps unlock vision.

2011 windy day in Canyon de Chelly


At a sacred spring with a Hopi friend.

I was a schoolteacher in a rural, mountain village in Arizona for several years with three summers spent working for the Forest Service. The call of the wild called me to quit my indoor job and become a fire look out in the Sierra Ancha Mountains for 6 months which was a major life turning point. I was partners in a land project, drove a truck in a copper mine for awhile.

My inner guidance took me to Alaska to experience wildness. I worked for a time on the Arctic slope coming to know the magic of northern lights, no sun for two months and the moon never setting; and cacaphony of waves of swans, geese and loons arriving with the thawing of the ice. I obtained an M.S. in natural resources planning and became a land manager with the state of Alaska for several years.

I have worked for and with Native American groups in Kotzebue (a large Eskimo city where I lived for several weeks), and Anchorage, Alaska as well as for an Apache tribe in Arizona. During the 1980's in Anchorage I sat in on many historic gatherings of indigenous peoples from around the world discussing aborignal land rights as this was the time of the Alaska Native Lands Claims Act.

The call of the wild led me to Alaska and Peru where beings from Nature communicated with me and the earth herself started revealing her vibrational essences.

At Machu Picchu in Peru ancient doorways were activated in ways I still can't define--I experienced breathing with the mountain in a kind of rapture born of deep connectedness to ancient sources of life. A bird showed me the way back to camp when lost in the Alaska wilderness. I absorbed Alaska into my being, I have maps in my mind of the landforms, internalized sacred mountains that nurture me even from afar. I made relationship to Bear in physical encounters and dreamtime teachings. I left Alaska in 1990 soon after I clearly heard the voice of the Colorado Plateau call me back home.

Eagle showed me in vision a destiny to work with earth energies that even now, years later, I am trying to understand. Wild places gifted me with deep receptivity and a willingness to live on the edge, to push my limits and to reclaim my inherent indigenous soul. Alchemical gold for the shifting into new levels of soul expression.

Mystical knowing came to me out of my open-hearted way of being in Nature and in direct teachings in the lucid dream state. Shamans and medicine people and metaphysical wise people deepened my practices. More than 30 years of practice with ancient principles of ceremony, sound healing (drum and Himalyan metals) and working with spiritual energies of earth, cosmos, intention and focus have have honed my ability to hold space for people, to mentor, to trust my intuition.

My Navajo and Hopi spiritual friends have taken me into their homes and lives and showed by example the power of prayer and reverence and of a living relation to earth, opening more ancient channels of knowing. Peruvian medicine people have shared their ways welcoming me to connect with their heritage.

Long nights of soul wrestling and years of practice with being Present with my fears, pains, and spinning mind have honed a deeper place of centered peace. I have developed many experiential tools for releasing old patterns and creating positive change and unlocking the wisdom of soul that comes every night in our dreams. East-west awareness practices of being here-now are an important complement to the mystical and ceremonial practices. Tools to be valid, have to be lived and honed within each of our own soul's wisdom.

But always for me first hand experiencing is my path to understanding. I extend these relationships with Nature and ancient ways to you encouraging, facilitating your own inner awareness and vision to emerge and you to activate change in your life through your intention. We use ceremony to make the intention real to grounding knowing in the physical body. The Directional Beings and elemental forces of nature are real and respond to our intention creating a powerful circle of support as you enter into your inner journey to the beat of the drum or the whoosh of wind--these beings flow through me and guide the pathways of our shamanic journey.

My soul has called me to create circles of energy and power as a container for reflecting people's own soul's call. We come together to remember, to stretch our wings into new places, co-creating a new evolution of life.

Sedona and the Colorado Plateau lands are radiant with earth energy and ancient wisdom--this is my beloved homeland I extend to you, bring you in to."

Several years ago at Chaco Canyon, a power place. I have explored hundreds of prehistoric archaeological sites, sensing energies, imagining another time. Have enjoyed sharing some of these sites with Hopi friends, descendents of the ones who built and abandoned these fascinating places many centuries ago. I have also enjoyed many stories from Navajo, Havasupai, Pima, Apache, Peruvian Indians about the Holy Ones who used to walk on Earth.

Several years ago with Navajo friend with whom I have shared more than 20 years of backcountry experiences with groups in Canyon de Chelly.

"Sandra comes in a good way to the Canyon--she listens to the wind, the air, the water to be real close to Mother Earth. She likes it, wants to be with it and is a healer to other people." Daniel Staley

2012 photo with Uqualla of the Havasupai tribe from a spring ceremonial gathering:




Uqualla, May 11, 2012

Personal Accounts of
Earth-Spirit Experiences
with Sandra Cosentino

"I know from what I have seen he (husband) has been more happy than ever and very grounded in his body from the work. We both have been having very powerful dreams and are very excited for our futures!!! Thank you again for such powerful work, and dedication to assist us on our remembrance process of true ascension. Happy New Years!!!
Jan., 2012 comments from a couple who did soul journey sessions.

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful week we spent with you, ill never forget it and the work you do, it was truely special and I will take the memories the blessings and the lessons with me where ever I go. My sheild hangs proudly in my bedroom and I look at it often and think of you and the wonderful experience you allowed me to participate in. "
2011 Sedona Vision Quest participant comments

"I have had such an incredible journey. Thank you for the work you have done with me and for sharing your authenticity, impeccible sense of timing, honesty, trust and integrity. It has been an honor to work with a person of your knowledge and caliber."
Marian, Hawaii, 2007

"I have been on at least four trips with Sandra over the last 7 years. They have all been extraordinary. Sandra is a remarkable guide. She is subtle yet every trip has been a physical and internal adv enture. The people and places that Sandra introduced me to were so vibrant that they sustain me in an ongoing way that is hard to describe."
J. Telles, Santa Monica, California, August., 2000

"Thank you for such powerful and wonderful experiences. We both feel this has been one of the most important times of our lives...You are a gifted teacher and seer. Thank you for all the personal work you have done that enables you to be so present and connected."
Terry P., Ontario, Canada, June, 2006

"Sandra, when my soul called me to come out and do the full retreat with you, it was such a blessing. I came full of fear and anxiety, missing and longing for a piece of me that had been lost. Through your guidance I pulled out a giant cork that had been stopping up a well inside me for many years. I found a self-acceptance and self-validation. I know I will never be the same again. Anyone who has felt that longing of emptiness should take the full retreat with you. The training leading up the the vision quest is indispensable. The vision quest itself is like a favorite topping on a favorite dessert. This is truly a journey of the self. I anyone is feeling that call, they should definitely come here. Thank you so much!"
Neal Lieberman, Birthing Tiger, Aug., 2004

"I followed my heart and stood on the rim of Canyon De Chelly, feeling a deep pull in my soul. The Canyon welcomed me and I knew I had come to the right place at the right time, as though returning to a place that knew me.. Sandra validated and valued that experience for me, supporting me and holding the space while I explored the mystery and magic of the journey back to myself. She helped me tap into a "knowing" within myself that continues to unfold in very unique ways. Sandra's deep connection to and understanding of wild nature made her the perfect guide and companion for this amazing journey. I experienced something while exploring my soul's calling that has forever changed my connection to nature and myself. Thank you Sandra, for providing an opportunity to remember."
Kellyn Boileau, May, 2003

"Everyone on the tour really enjoyed themselves. .. We all left the tour feeling charged and we have you to thank for that. I feel very blessed to have had a chance to meet you and I feel that meeting you was not coincidental. You helped guide me to my purpose there in Sedona for this visit" April, 2004

"Our walk on the mountain became a mirror of my life. Walking to its edge it became like the edge of my life. When we saw the deer, looking into its eyes was like looking into my own eyes. I felt it want to come to me but it wasn't able to, it couldn't come forward. And I got it. I'm standing on the edge of this mountain and I just haven't been able to go forward in my life. And that deer was me. I needed someone or thing to encourage or inspire me to go forward. I just want to thank you for helping me to see how the world is constantly talking to us if we'd just look."
Carl, San Diego, CA., 1998

"Since leaving you, and the beautiful land and company you keep, some wonderful changes in my body have taken place. It is good to feel the icy fingers of illness melt away and be replaced by that warm Arizona inspired health. It is good to feel myself three steps more in balance. These improvements are not transitory. Your guided visions left me with tangible tools to use in times of need and in everyday life. Your words, rhythm and sense of place are a valuable gift. I thank you for sharing it. I would recommend your guided tours, your Soul Journey, to any one interested in helping themselves."
Stephanie, Amsterdam, Holland, Sept., 1999

"My daughter and I had been making an annual spiritual pilgrimage to Sedona for a number of years. You were always an important component in these visits bringing to us fresh insights and inspiration."
Sheila T., Portland, OR, 1996


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