Sedona 4 Master Elements Activation Ceremony to clear the path, energize, stimulate new beginnings

4 Master Elements Activation Ceremony

to clear the path, energize, stimulate new beginnings

• We invite the primal life force energies which are the building blocks of life—water, earth, fire and air— to clear and inspire our path.

• We connect with wise Helper Spirits associated with these primal life forces to spark knowings and fresh insights.

• We activate these 4 master elements inspirations with nature connections, voice, sound instruments and movement.

Photos above are to illustrate the 4 Master Elements. They are not places we will do this program.  However, you are encouraged to go out on the red cliff trails on your own afterward to deepen your primal life force connections.

The program takes place at a Sedona red cliff view site or at a Verde River Park 20 minutes south of Sedona.  During inclement weather can be done indoors once covid safety allows for this option. 

We meet at site. Transportation is not included.  


$110 pp with 3 or more people, 2.5 hours $140 pp with 2 people, 2 hrs. $190 for 1, 2 hrs

Each round we will do guided Spirit Journeys with drum, rattle and other sound instruments to connect with the greater field of Reality.  

Each round we will activate your inspirations that flow from the journey with ceremony that:   

  • gives voice to the essence of your experience
  • uses movement, actions, sound, and nature connection to make it a reality in your physical world.


The 4 elements connection are part of Native American wisdom and practice.

Awakening the Master Elements in Ayurveda, is a 5,000 year old healing system, according to meditation teacher Davidji.  He says, 

“allow these building blocks of life to strengthen and awaken the characteristics that come from each element .  Feel them ripple through every single cell in your being, every thought, every action.  When we have them flowing through us in balanced amounts, we are in tune with the universe, we flow with the universe.”

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