Sedona Ceremonies for the 4 Seasons


4 Seasons special ceremonies: 

Attuning to the cycles of the year, activating change

Ceremonies are used to create balance and instigate positive change. Reaching far back into human consciousness is a knowing of the importance of aligning with patterns of organization, celestial phenomena and energies found in our greater universe.

Ceremony is the intentional use of symbols by humans combined with action wherein the intangible becomes real. The symbol comes to life and movement is activated or acknowledged. Healing-rebalancing occurs in connection to the energetic forces of nature and spirit.

fullmoondinoCeremonies, since time immemorial, have been held at the major seasonal turning points such as solstices and equinoxes. Or at times of changing points in the life of an individual—birth, naming, renaming, puberty, marriage. They keep one attuned to the natural flow of life.

Unique seasonal ceremonies created by Sandra Cosentino, who has more than 3 decades of experience, are listed below.


Spring equinox programs and April, May Spring Renewal Retreats

Summer solstice programs

Fall equinox programs

October Retreat

Winter solstice programs

New Year programs

Full and New Moon