4th of July Sedona inspirational programs 2024

July 4, 5, 6 or 7
Sunset &  Stars Inspiration & Ceremony Circle
at Sedona Red Cliff view siteVivid red-orange-purple sunset behind Chimney Rock in Sedona by Monica Parsley. One of the views from our sunset and moon circles.

6:30  – 8 pm

  • Gain a feeling of the Spirit of Sedona and ancestral connections to nature
  • Spirit journeys to the drum for inspiration.
  • Connect with the sunset and moonrise energies.
  • Closing ceremony to activate-celebrate the insights, and earth and sky energies that flowed to you during our circle!

Cost for 1.5 hour program: $68 pp with 3 or more ($92 pp with 2,; $160 with 1) We meet at the site, transportation not provided. Held outdoors at a red rock scenic site in Sedona.  Folding chairs provided.

July 5 –  7, 2024:
new moon Mystic Vision Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experience

Discover Sedona programs available over the weekend:

Introduction to Sedona’s Vortex, Scenic & Ancestor Sites at a scenic red rock location–your personalized immersion circle to prepare you to go explore on your own. Includes map and site descriptions hand-out; access info to parks, national forest and private sites.  Led by an Arizona native with 3 decades of experience leading tours, insight retreats and ceremonies in Sedona and Hopi and Navajo journeys. 

2 programs:

  1. Sedona Explorer Circle, Scenic, vortex and ancestor sites plus natural history, geology, Native Americans past and present, national forest trails, 1 hour or
  2. Sedona Sacred – Vortex Circle:  Deepens and expands the Sedona Explorer Circle with Mystic Insight Journeys, attuning to energies, Sacred lands perspectives. 2 hours