Hopi Ancestral Sacred Spring Site introduction and Re-birthing Ceremony Program in Sedona, Arizona area

Group doing a ceremony in meadow under sycamore trees symbolizes ceremony circles at Sedona outdoor programsHopi Ancestral Sacred Spring Introduction +

Spirit of Place, New Beginnings and Re-birthing Ceremony Program

about 30 minutes south of Sedona, Arizona

 Sacred site and Hopi Culture introduction

Ancestral sacred spring which is site for spirit of place, insight journeys and ceremony programThis sacred spring limestone sinkhole site contains springs (64 to 77 degrees F) that discharge from underneath and flows up and out through a natural tunnel at a rate of 1,100 gallons per minute into Wet Beaver Creek.  Ancestral Puebloans built pit houses and farmed here in 600 AD.  From 900 – 1425 AD another Puebloan group moved into the area and built pueblo homes and canals for farming.  

eagle kachina painting by Hopi artist symbolizes spiritual wisdom and Hopi connection to ancestral sacred spring site

Eagle Kachina painting by Lewis Kagenveama

Today’s Hopi people are descendants of these ancestors and still maintain ceremonial connections to this special ancestor site. 

Your guide, Sandra Cosentino, will give you a short introduction to this cultural heritage in a beautiful grove of sycamore trees next to the ancestral irrigation canal.  Sandra has been sharing in friendship and respect with Hopi since 1985.

Spiritual Insight and Ceremony Circle

We connect with spring water, earth energies and spirit of place and our own new beginnings

Spring water flowing in prehistoric irrigation canal.

Sense the spirit of place and earth and water energies of this special place.

Participate in spirit journeys to the drum to gain fresh inspiration and connect with wise Helper Spirits.  Journeys are personalized to participants and the season of the year energies.

Activate insights that flow in with a new beginnings Rebirthing Ceremony and other spontaneous, creative expression with voice, movement, imagery.

We dream, imagine, connect, and welcome new beginnings to take root and flourish.

Please allow an extra 1 to 2 hours after our program to explore this special Puebloan Ancestor site on your own. Take this private time to deepen your re-birthing ceremony with suggestions Sandra will provide you.

Cost for 2 hour program

$ 88 each with 3 or more
$122 each with 2 people 

($180 with 1 person and program is 1.5 hours)

Reservations and pre-payment required.
Transportation not included.

We will follow Covid safety practices.

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