Sedona Ceremony Training Outdoor Workshop

Ancestral Sun Calendar rock art; depicts the way we draw on timeless earth-spirit wisdom to create ceremony.

Ancestral Sun Calendar in which sun lights the center of the spiral of creation.

Ceremonial Training Program

This Ceremonial Training Program is personalized.

It is held near Sedona at a beautiful outdoor private site.  We will enjoy privacy, creek access, trees, labyrinths, medicine wheel, ancestor wheel

The program can be adapted as a ceremonial event for your group. 

Led by Sandra Cosentino based more than 35 years of experience creating and leading ceremonies. She also works with shamanic practice, nature connection, and earth-spirit wisdom.

Do you feel motivated to deepen your understanding of earth-spirit ceremonial practices?

This ceremonial training is an opportunity to hone your skills and co-create ceremonies.

Sedona Ceremony held in honor of the solar eclipse; photo depicts the open-hearted dedication to work together and the joyful energies created in ceremony.

Part of a ceremony I organized for a group for a solar eclipse

Ceremonial leadership is based on humble, dedication to be of service to the greater well-being. A leader is heart-centered, focused, flexible and listens to Spirit.

We will practice timeless core principles and use honoring ways. We will not be copying ceremonies of Indian tribes, religions or cultures.

A good ceremonial leader makes the art of holding space look easy. However, dedication and experience is needed to co-create a safe and spiritually powerful circle.   Thus, we all work together as one.

Medicine Wheel with people standing on the outside circle around it. This depicts a large medicine wheel we use at this private site on Oak Creek and guests that are helping to co-create the ceremony.
Some of the topics we will cover:

  •  setting intention and creating ceremony
  • spiritual guidance, nature energies and spirit helper communication
  •  holding space
  •  creating ceremonial structures protocols
  •  using ceremonial forms such as labyrinths, wheels, circles
  •  different types/purposes of ceremony
  •  symbolism
  •  reading the signs
  •  protocols and responsibilities
  •  group dynamics, leadership
  •  shamanic journey for Spirit Helper connections
  •  energy flows
  •  grounding and centering
  •  honoring
  •  calling in Directions and Spirit Helpers
  •  seasonal, cosmic and solar cycle energies
  •  drums and other instruments
  •  smudging and other ways of clearing space
  • closing the ceremony and releasing the energies created

7-path labyrinth near Sedona; symbolizes an outdoor ceremonial event


4 hour seminar, core training and experience with different structures.

$190 each with 3
$260 each for 2 ($380 for 1, 3.5 hours)
includes study sheets, $30 entry fee, program supplies, chairs, drums-rattles

Additional time can be added for those who want more depth of experience.

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