lagoonreflectwintersmscEngage in Conversation With Nature

by TaVie Jazlyn

Nature casts a spell that takes us out of our own looping mind into something vaster. This is medicine!

Nature excels at archery, at marksmanship – she goes right for the heart, our wildness – that which isn’t trapped yet, that which still runs free to our deeper rivers of Awareness, not yet fully revealed, to either ourselves, or to others. It calls us out, to stand Terra Firma, as we, at the same time, look out into the night deep, to our ancient calling from the stars.

TaVie Jazlyn

TaVie Jazlyn

Nature doesn’t cancel out anything, while it can certainly give us some reprieve. Rather it enlarges us, gives us a bigger container in which we can hold more than our immediate concerns. It stretches us beyond our usual reality, our often very limited lives – even if some of our intents and achievements are very grand. Nature never doubts its value nor its identity. It puts us back in touch with that. We need that. We need the vote of our own self- confidence and trust. It’s what opens doors inside of us, and outside – outpicturing into our experienced reality — a synthesis of our internal and external perceiving and processing.

Nature helps us recall our deeper soul-knowing, our bone- knowing. We never lost it. But we convinced ourselves that we did!

In nature we are recalled to our deep blueprints, our individuated archetypal patterns of life – buried under the debris, perhaps, of a series of our attempts to become something, but never lost. We ARE already something. We have forgotten this. Nature recalls us to our innate richness. It heals us into Spiritual memory , into connection with our authentic sovereignty, our deeper choices, and our kinship with All-That-Is.

In nature we move into our points of Power. This is not about necessarily getting our way, but is rather about being our way, and singing with the chorus of Life.

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