Southwest Cultures & Canyons Journeys created for you

Independent Travel Journeys or Special Group Programs arranged

Navajo Indian lands, Canyon de Chelly, spirit journey, jeep tour, campfire circle, vision, fire blessing, sandpainting

Navajo host Canyon de Chelly

Explore Hopi and Navajo, Zuni, and other Native American cultures, prehistoric sites, canyon lands. Cosmology, history, legends, archaeology, natural history, personal interactions with Native hosts.  Enter with respect, connect with spirit of place.

Your guide-consultant is Sandra Cosentino who founded Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats in 1991 to share her informed passion for this region and her cultures.  Her programs are based on more than 35 years of sharing in friendship and respect with Native peoples and leading tours, ceremonies, insight retreats.  She also is founder-director of the non-profit:  Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects.


Campfire circle and fire blessing ceremony with Navajo leader in Canyon de Chelly.

Special Hopi & Navajo Programs created for groups

These are planned and led by Sandra Cosentino for groups who provide their own transportation. 

Hopi and/or Navajo Spirit Journeys, 2 – 3 days

Hopi tour, spirit journey, villages, ceremonial cycle, Hopi guide, authentic

“I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples. No two journeys are ever alike–the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience.”
Sandra Cosentino

Ancient Cultures & Canyons Independent Traveler Journeys

Customized based on your goals, timeframe and personalized itinerary consulting.

The trip begins with an in depth seminar in Sedona area. Then you head out with maps, reference packet, CD with regional songs to meet Native guides and as well as explore on your own.

Hopi Mesas 1 or 2 day Journey

Explore Navajo

Southwest Ancient Cultures Journey, 3 – 5 days

Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks Independent Travel program at a Sedona red rock site

Independent traveler option with Sedona pre-trip earth-spirit outdoor seminar at a red rock overlook.

Description of some Hopi, Navajo, Canyon de Chelly and Zuni experiences.

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  • Navajo Culture Experience–article
  • Zuni Culture Experience–article

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, non-profit:  since 1999 supporting Hopi Sustainability and cross-cultural education.