Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony & Teaching

Circle of Power Ceremony

This  is a shamanic drum healing ceremony and teaching.

Ancestor spiritual beings with arms raised on on red rock background. Symbolizes calling on spiritual energies and time-honored ways to work with ceremony.

Kindred Spirits by Bill Worrell

Participate in an empowering experience. You receive healing vibrations. You also drum and flow spiritual energies on behalf of others.

Held at an outdoor location near Sedona or Cottonwood.

Painting of a Bear with a drum symbolizes spiritual helpers and power animals that connect with us during drum healing ceremony

Bear Spirit is a powerful ally that often brings spiritual support energy to a ceremony.

The Ceremonial Experience

This is a focused, reverent, drum healing ceremony. We learn and practice wise, time-honored ways to work with spiritual energies and intention. We consecrate the energies for the highest benefit of each participant and Mother Earth. Positive, uplifting energies flow.  This helps us recalibrate. Sandra works with spirit to hold the space and provide shamanic insights/energy work.

Some of the experiences:

  • Use honoring ways to work with intention
  • You learn to drum in ceremonial context and may discover an innate skill
  • Learn to create sacred space and invoke spiritual energies
  • Can choose to receive drum, earth & cosmic energies
  • Be a vessel for universal love, for the highest good of all
  • Teachings on the medicine wheel, and universal earth-spirit ceremonial practices

Each drum healing ceremony is personalized to the participants, season and celestial events.


Studio sessions include use of a variety of sound healing instruments:
$125 pp with 3 – 4 people, 3 hrs ($165 pp with 2, 2.5 hrs. $200 for 1, 2 hrs).

During covid these are being held at a park site in Cottonwood.

Ceremonies out on the land at a private site during good weather
Cost with 5 – 6 or more people, 4 hrs: $190 pp, includes $30 pp private site entry fee

This ceremony can be individually scheduled year round. The Circle of Power Ceremony is part of many shamanic insight retreats and the 4 Seasons turning points.

Please see Calendar for Auspicious Celestial or Cultural Times for Ceremonies.

photo of Sandra Cosentino who has more than 3 decades of experience creating and leading ceremonies. The ceremony is led by Sandra Cosentino who has more than 3 decades of experience creating and leading ceremonies. She also works with shamanic practice and nature energies. Ceremonies and are not copied from any of today’s Native American tribal ceremonies. She honors the authentic earth-spirit teachings of Berniece Falling Leaves in the 1980’s.  And since that time, Sandra has participated in many ceremonies with tribal people of many traditions.

“I experienced a Drum Healing Ceremony conducted by Sandra Cosentino. It had a profound effect on me, and Sandra saw the integration of my Higher Self into my Self, in a  beautiful, peaceful garden –  and described my ‘secret garden’ that I go to in meditation!”  Shirley Syndenham, Melbourne Australia (spring, 2013)

Prehistoric rock art depicting emerging from your center to stand in balance. Symbolizes how ceremony helps us recalibrate.

Prehistoric rock art depicting emerging from your center to stand in balance.

Other ceremonial experiences.

4 Master Elements Activation Insights Ceremony to clear the path, energize, stimulate new beginnings. 2.5 hours with 3 more.

Ceremony Training outdoor seminar. 4 hour program working with core principles of ceremony, role of leader, holding space, using drums and other instruments, honoring ways, co-creating ceremony and more.

Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journey can be arranged for a small group that includes ceremonial circles. This gives you a sense of Native American skills with focus, prayer and heart-centered giving of your whole self to the ceremony you are doing.