Earth and Sky Speak to Us Nature Awareness Seminar

Earth and Sky Speak to Us:

Nature Awareness – Inviting Friendship and Kinship with Mother Earth and an invitation to Wonder and Wander.

1 hour outdoor nature awareness seminar appropriate to all ages.
Each outing uniquely created for the weather, season and the participants.

Show of a person on red rock shelf next to a cliff.Nature awareness, deep observing. Illustrates an invitation to Wonder and Wander in nature in our Sedona outdoor seminars.

Nature meander invites Wonder and Wander.

“..this is Coyote’s country—a landscape of the imagination, where nothing is as it appears.

These astonishing formations invite a new mythology for desert goers …The stories rooted in experience become beads to trade. It is the story, always the story, that precedes and follows the journey.” “Coyote knows it is the proportion of days spent in wildness that counts in urbane savvy.”

quotes above from Terry Tempest Williams from her book Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert

Some of the experiences:

Woman walking on red rock shelf practicing nature observation during a Sedona outdoor seminar.

Deepen connection to nature as you walk with awareness and heightened senses.

Nature observation and inviting friendship. Begin to sense energies, textures, qualities of light and shadow. Make a personal friendship with a tree. Sink into the earth and invite connection with her vibration/energies and see the crystalline pattern within the rocks.  An invitation to cultivate wonder and wander.

Ancestral perceptions of living earth and ways to stay in balance and honor the earth. Discussion of active ancestral shrine sites in our region.

A Sense of Place.  Sedona area high desert ecosystem overview.

Ways of being in nature as a doorway to open to fresh inspiration. Slowing down, relaxing the thinking mind, soften gaze. As you allow yourself to feel enlivened by the primal energies and beauties of nature,  stress melts away and we begin to unwind into our natural way of being.

Robin bathing in a red rock puddle by Jackie Klieger illustrates the joy of observing birds.
How much do we know about the common robin as shown here in this action photo by Jackie Klieger of Sedona?

Why spend time with nature?

Our mind is largely shaped by the modern social world.  However, our brain originally evolved in the context of the natural world where humans used heightened sensory skills.  When you spend time in Nature, a regenerative vitality feeds our life force.  Connection with seasonal patterns in nature stimulate renewal of our energetic balance.


Led by Sandra Cosentino, (M.S. Natural Resources Planning and former land manager in Alaska, fire look-out at Sierra Ancha remote sites and school teacher in rural Arizona).  She has decades of life experience being out in wild places and an understanding of the natural history.  Plus, she has an innate mystical connection with nature. And Native peoples’ have shared their earth-spirit wisdom with Sandra over more than 3 decades time.

Flexible times: dawn, daytime or toward sunset
Each program customized to participants interests and level. Introductory program appropriate for those with general nature interest, for children/parents or individuals developing nature awareness skills as a personal practice.  

Cost for 1 hour outdoor program (held at a red rock scenic site in or near Sedona):
$30 pp with 3 or more
$45 pp with 2 people ($75 with 1 person)

Transportation is not included

A good companion program:
Sedona Explorer Circle, 1 hour: a great overview of the Sedona area and many ideas for exploring.

This is a video I made while out connecting with the spring winds and return of the swallows.

Other Earth-Spirit Programs

Mystical Nature Connections, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4  or 6 hours

Held at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek several miles south of Sedona

You will experience a series of inner journeys to connect with medicine animals, wise guides and nature energies for personal insight. Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of direct experience.  We weave these insight experiences with nature connection practices and ceremony to activate positive change. A core-earth spirit training seminar.

Landscape as Spiritual Doorway Practices: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart outdoor experiential seminar. 2.5 – 3 hours training that expands and deepens nature connection practices. We will use shamanic journey so it is best to do this after the Shamanic Journey, Nature Connection & Ceremony outdoor seminar or other shamanic training.

Sunset-Starlight Nature at Night & Solo Vision Program: an experiential evening outdoor seminar that is an introduction to vision quest as a spiritual practice and to connecting with nature at night. 3 – 3.5 hours

Full Moon or New Moon Mystic Insights & Ceremony Circle that begins at sunset with introduction to the Spirit of Sedona–a joyful program personalized to the participants and the season. 2 hours.

Earth Spirit Connection and Mystic Seeing weekend nature  Retreat 2A