Earth-Spirit Connections & Opening to Mystic Vision: Sedona 2-day workshop in nature

Earth Spirit Connections & Opening to Mystic Seeing 

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2-day experiential workshop in nature program:

Discover nature as a portal to spiritual awareness and expansion of consciousness. And connect heart to heart with the natural life forces.

Learn about Sedona’s scenic and sacred places, hear ancestral and metaphysical perspectives, and advice on places and practices for deepening nature explorations on your own.

Mother Earth’s natural life forces heart to heart for joy, wisdom, and authentic power as you cultivate deep observing using all of your senses.

Learn how to do shamanic journey in the context of today’s world as you connect with spirit helpers in direct, felt experiences.   This  brings vitality, fresh insights, new potentialities.  These are natural, innate talents that can be developed.

Dawn Ceremony connecting with the potent energies of the rising sun.

Enjoy being out as the stars rise.  Sense shifts in sounds and the air as night falls.  Hear star stories, ancestral perspectives.  Teachings on the practice solo vision quest in nature; such as, calming the mind, opening senses, safety tips, creating sacred space, and experiencing being in solo circle for an hour.

Activate positive change in outdoor ceremonial circles using timeless honoring ways.

please see calendar or can be scheduled at a date that works for you

“By tuning into the earth, knowing her heart as our own and awakening to nature’s pulses, we resonate with forces which push us now to evolve and grow.  The time is ripe to expose our own latent talents, and so, rouse confidence to find our way through changing times.”
Lyn Roberts, Speaking With Nature

“Nature has a vitality the feeds our life force. Earth provides a powerful grounding rod and energizer of your soul’s expression in your body.

I invite you to awaken a sense of being at home on the earth and cultivate earth spirit connection.  Such practices calm the thinking mind.   You use all your senses.  Every cell of your body pulses with vibratory information that is vaster than intellect and logic.

And you may discover that your innate capacity of direct knowing comes to life.

What might happen in your life if you began listening to the voice of your soul that whispers on the wind, radiates from the stars, signals from within your own body, or in an eagle dream calling you to see the bigger picture of who you really are.”
Sandra Cosentino

2-day Program, personalized to season and participants.

Day 1:  morning to early afternoon

ancestral sacred site eagle head

ancestral sacred site eagle head

Discover Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Circle & Earth and Sky Speak to Us. 1.5 hours.
Know the places to access the land, hear about the Native and metaphysical perspective on sacred land, the natural history, the stories that bring you into the land in a richer and quicker way. Then explore at your own pace after our day’s workshops.
Visioning Skills: Shamanic Journey Mentoring, Nature connection practices, and a series of Ceremonies outdoor workshop 6 hours with 2 or more people. Held at a private site by Oak Creek with access to several ceremonial sites. A core mystic vision mentoring program working with shamanic journey to connect with wise helper spirits.  These visionary experiences are woven with practices connecting you heart to heart with nature’s life forces.

This is experiential learning that is based on timeless wisdom principles and Sandra’s decades of experience.  At days end, co-create a ceremony to activate positive change in your life.

1 person waking a Sedona 7-path labyrinth. This is a ceremony to walk your new path during shamanic journey outdoor workshops in Sedona.

Labyrinth Ceremony







You explore on own in late afternoon and evening developing your earth-spirit practice

Day 2:  Dawn and Sunset-Stars

Dawn Blessings Earth-Spirit Program and Ceremony. 1.5 hours at a red rock overlook.  We meet pre-dawn and sense how the energies shift as light moves up the cliff face.  Nature connection, deep observing, signs, and ceremony.

During the day on own: you go out to special areas practicing earth-spirit connection skills. This nature exploration time on your own is a key to deepen this experience and build confidence.

Sunset-Starlight Nature, Solo Sacred Circle. (3.5 hours; 3 hours with 1 person). Enjoy the sunset, stars, earth-spirit wisdom and Nature at Night. Solo vision circle in nature practice following introduction to vision quest.








“Medicine animals bring us direct energetic vibrations that connect us with their authentic power if we ask and pay attention. They can help us release heavy energies, see with fresh perspective and act with more courage.  The spirit of the wild animals is a gift to us humans.”
Sandra Cosentino

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Cost Per Person:

$480 each for 3 or more people
($620 each for 2 people; $960 for 1 person)

Includes study sheets, entry fees, transportation, program planning and customization.

A good option to add to your core mystic skills retreat:

The Circle of Power (Medicine Wheel) Teaching and Ceremony
A shamanic healing ceremony that takes Nature awareness and mystical perceptions a step farther to work with intention, ceremonial protocols, directing energies to create change in your life. This is a studio session that includes use of sound healing instruments.  

Mystic Vision Retreats overview

No two programs are the same — the pathways of our insight journeys are created with spiritual guidance unique to the people and time. All retreats are personalized to support you in working with your intention, to stretch your boundaries, build skills to take back into your life, and see more of who you are. With Sandra Cosentino, based on more than 3 decades of practice

3-8 day Immersive Modern Day Mystic Retreats

  •  Expand Horizons Spiritual Insight Retreat,
    6 days.  Intensive modern day mystic program that develops shamanic journey skills as an insight and personal healing tool.   Taught within a framework of nature awareness as a spiritual portal.  Plus skills for deeper seeing; such as: meditation, lucid dream work, mindfulness, and ceremonial activation of insights that flow in.  Mentoring, feedback in support of you perceiving new possibilities.
  • Sedona Vision Quest Retreat.  8 days.  This is an expanded version of the Expand Horizons core skills retreat that includes a solo overnight vision circle option and an additional nature connection & ceremony program.
  •  Aligning With Greater Self Shamanic Practice: 4 days.  Shamanic and Ceremony skills retreat that provides a progression of experiences including personal healing work with extraction and soul retrieval. Day 1 is in the field, Days 2 – 4 are intensive studio sessions.
  • Mystic Vision Core Skills Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experiences
    3-days of experiential programs, with both nature and studio sessions.  Develop skills working with nature energies, shamanic journey for insight and guidance, and with ceremony. Designed to give you experiences with solo vision circles in nature, but does not include being out all night. 

2 day uplifting programs that focus on a single skill area:

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