Expand Horizons: Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic, Part 1. A 3-day retreat in Sedona, Arizona

shamanic journey core skills development, power animals, Sedona, retreat, ceremony, vortex circle. mindfulness, lucid dreamingExpand Horizons: Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic – Part 1

Sedona, Arizona area retreat with Shamanic Mentoring| Nature Mysticism| Ceremony| Mindfulness| Lucid Dreaming|

Part 1 of the 6-day immersive experiential program: empowering skills that support you to be your own Seer.

3 days, but better if done over 4 days to allow more exploration, dreaming and integration time.

Led by Sandra Cosentino, based on more than 3 decades of experience.

Recommend doing this retreat in in 2 parts with at 2 to 4 weeks in between.  This allows time to deepen and internalize the practices.
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  • See Part 2, Expand Horizons: Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic, 3-day program here

2023 Dates

  • to be announced soon

or at another date that works best for you

Some Pathways We Work With

Each experience builds on the others as you weave your unique tapestry. And my prayer for you is to take these tools and direct experiences into your daily life and that your radiance will inspire others.

Sedona ceremony, drumming, Nature RetreatsPerceive new possibilities as your inner truth emerges.

Enjoy flashes of insight, creative stimulus and a sense of being more at home with yourself.

Shamanic Journey Mentoring – direct experiences of the expanded reality – core skills to develop your practice.

Nature Mysticism:  wild nature as a doorway,  a portal to Spirit. Connect heart to heart with the natural life forces.

Ceremony – the emotion, sounds, movement and energies of ceremony help you voice your emerging truths and activate life positive movement.  This is part of every session plus we will have a special sunset ceremony to connect with seasonal energies.

Prehistoric rock art — emerging to stand in new balance.

Ceremony in nature helps humans to align with with the universal patterns of life.

“When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space where:

    • Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance.
    • Time takes on a different dimension.
    • Emotions flow more freely.
    • The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them.
    • All is made new; everything becomes sacred.”  Sun Bear

View life from a higher perspective with practices of: Here-Now Presence with Self, Attention, Intention, Intuition, Compassion & Patience with Self as your point of power, Courage & Presence, Mindfulness & Meditation.  Dreams become a potent source of guidance and healing.

**(No “plant medicine”(entheogens) are used or needed.  Vision and experiences of “ecstatic union” with spirit is a natural skill that can be cultivated with  shamanic, nature connection, here-now awareness and ceremonial practice.  This has a longer lasting, more profound support on our life walk than a momentary entheogenic-induced state.)

This integrated program supports personal empowerment and honors your own inherent wisdom. I hold space for participants and reflect back their soul’s gifts in a compassionate, supportive way.


In between sessions, on your own:

  • You will have dream, meditation, and journaling practices.
  • There will be study sheets to support our experiential learning.
  • Each day you will have nature practices and communion time on your own at special sites in the Sedona and Verde Valley area. These instill skills to take back into your life and are powerful experiences during which knowings flow in.  This solo exploring time also helps you release energies, nurture yourself with nature and integrate the input you receive during the retreat.
  • Each day, we share dreams, signs, knowings that come to you. I will give you intuitive feedback.

The daily order of sessions may be modified, but all sessions will be included.

Recommend doing this program over 4 days to allow for deeper experience as integration and insights flow in during the time between sessions when you are doing recommended practices on your own.

Day 1

Shamanic Journey Mentoring, Nature connection practices, and Ceremony foundational outdoor workshop + Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex introduction

(5 hours with 2 or more, 4 hours with 1 at a area Sedona site)

Day 2

Insight Session*: Inner Pathways Skills Development – Conscious Evolution 

Sedona Sunset Spirit Ceremony Circle with focus on working with seasonal energies connection and moon cycle to activate positive change.  1.5 hours at a Sedona site.

Day 3

Insight Session*: Past Life, Mystic Child, Future Self, Current Challenges, Deepen Power Animal connections (sessions are 2.5 hours with 2 or more people–2 hours with 1 person.  Held at a Verde River site in Cottonwood, 20 minutes south of Sedona)

Day 4

Insight Session*: Creative Explorations, Imagining, Conscious Re-Creation, Visioning, and Ceremony: Share New Mythology, Mandala, and Intentions for your return (3 hours with 3 or more participants; 2.5 hours with 2; 2 hours with 1. Held at a Verde River site in Cottonwood, 20 minutes south of Sedona)

Links for more info about sessions:

Cost & details

$800 for 3 or more total participants. $920 for 2 total participants $1,150* for 1 participant (*does not guarantee a private retreat, but does guarantee that it will happen on the dates you want to come to Sedona.  The retreats are posted on my calendar and are open to add other participants.) 1 or 2 person retreats have slightly shorter time frames.

Includes program, reference packet, coordination-planning of your personalized program and my holding focused, energetic support for you.

Not included:  entry fees to Verde River park of $7 per vehicle/day for insight sessions. When we hold the Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony seminar at a large private site on Oak Creek with ceremonial structures, there will be an additional $30 each entry fees on Oak Creek; however, right now this site is closed. Lodging, transportation and meals not included. 

Upon request I can send a list of recommended retreat-friendly places to stay and transportation options from Phoenix to Sedona.

Please email for registration deposit and payment details and let me know what your goal is. See reservation/cancellation policies here

Solo communion in nature by Teresa Setles

Your own daily practice with inner tools and nature awareness in between our sessions are a core part of the retreat.

To get the most out of it, please clear space for this so you can turn off the cell phone and computer and be fully Present with You.

The landscape temples of Sedona open your heart, energize and reflect light back to you.

But your own intention and willingness to be in compassionate communion with all that you are without judgment gives wings to your journey!