Fall Equinox Vision Quest Retreat & Ceremonies in Sedona

Cathedral Rock reflection in water means fall is a time for reflection and to connect with the seasonal vibrational shift

Fall Equinox Time of Change:

September 2021 programs

Join us as we connect with the Fall Equinox seasonal vibrational shift.

Fall colored feathers painting symbolizes Fall equinox programs, releasing the old and making way for new balance in ceremony and retreats.

Ramona Stites painting

This is one of the 4 doorways-turning points of the  year. These seasonal turning points are auspicious times for conscious re-creation of your life, as you release and make way for new balance.

“If nothing Within you Changes, then your past will be your future.”

At this temporary balance of day and night before the solar light recedes:
What have you harvested?
What is ready to be released?
And what new balance is calling to you?

Special Fall Equinox Programs

Sept. 21, 22 (Equinox), 23, or 24 (select the day that works for you)
5:30 – 7 pm
Sunset Fall Equinox Time of Change Ceremony

A woman with ceremonial items in uplifted hands as she faces red cliffs symbolizes our Sedona Fall Equinox Celebration, Ceremony and Mystic Vision program

Sedona ceremony

We meet at a red rock overlook site at sunset and sense how the energies shift.

  •  sunset nature connection
  • divining walk
  • spirit journey to the drum
  • Time of Change Ceremony

Cost:  $60 each with 3 or more ($90 pp with 2)

Sept 19 or 20, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Fall Equinox Full Moon & Stars Inspirations and Ceremony Circle

  • Spirit of Sedona and connect with energies of setting sun, moonrise and stars
  • Moon meditation and Mystic insight journeys to the drum
  • Closing ceremony to activate your inspirations

Cost:  $75 each with 3 or more ($100 pp with 2)

Listening Flow and Change article

Other programs can be scheduled during this fall season:

Sedona Outdoor Programs
Shamanic-Seer Skills

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