Honoring Earth: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart

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Honoring Earth:
Connecting with the Natural Life Forces
Heart to Heart

spirit of juniper, wisdom tree, nature connection, Sedona

Honoring earth, connecting with spirit of juniper tree, Sedona. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

“By tuning into the earth, knowing her heart as our own and awakening to nature’s pulses, we resonate with forces which push us now to evolve and grow. The time is ripe to expose our own latent talents, and so, rouse confidence to find our way through changing times.” 

(Llyn Roberts, Speaking With Nature)

At Home on Earth

Honoring Earth and connection to her Life Force energies feels like a vital need for all people at this time.  We humans have a role to seed the sentient world around us with life-positive energies.

Traditional Hopi religious society participants from Second Mesa spoke to me in 2017 that they believe it is critical for the survival of life  “that bridges of life forces must be rebuilt and maintained. The Spirit of the Natural Worlds must once again reach the hearts of the peoples of the Earth.”

The Earth herself “has a very big Munay (active heart-connecting energy) acting on our behalf. To be struck by Her Munay is like being struck by lightning. She gives us a jumpstart and then it is up to us to “keep that fire lit in our heart alive in our daily life.” (wisdom from Arkan Lushwalah, Peru)

Our human consciousness affects the earth we inhabit.
What do we understand about this interaction?
What is our role in honoring earth and connecting with her life forces?

Alisa Battaglia (Integral Life Wellness) believes that, “The current ecological crisis is an accurate reflection of the collapsing of human social values. Evidence shows that as humanity moves into a bio-technological era of development, isolationism and disrespect for Nature increases.”

She perceives the human body as a tuning fork and encourages doing co-creative meditation outdoors consciously flowing celestial and earth vibrations into your heart and anchoring with the heart of the earth.

Alisa suggests, “Through your feeling nature, send appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth herself. Over time with consistency and love you will build a bridge—a strong psychic rapport with the heart and mind of Mother Earth frequency.” 

Pre-modern earth-based cultures carry a heritage that grew out of a direct relationship to the living spirit of the natural world. While most of us in western cultures did not grow up with direct access to tribal wisdom, we still have an inner indigenous-to-Mother-Earth heritage wired into our DNA that becomes activated by time spent out of doors.

All of the elements of the natural world emit an energy field that interact with our molecules which are made of these same elements.

Once any place comes alive in you, it is a magic connection to all of Creation and rekindles that sense of being at home on the Earth.

Navajo Woman painting by R.C. Gorman


Nature recalls us to our innate richness. It heals us into Spiritual memory, into connection with our authentic sovereignty, our deeper choices, and our kinship with All-That-Is.
In nature we move into our points of Power. This is not about necessarily getting our way, but is rather about being our way, and singing with the chorus of Life.”
TaVie Jazlyn

Gratitude, Blessing

Native peoples are role models to me in their sincere expression of gratitude that is woven into every prayer.  They carry a trust and knowing that the sentient field of intelligence surrounding us will respond.  Therefore, thanks is always given in advance.  And reciprocity is offered in advance.  Honoring Earth is a central part of life.

Arkan Lushwalah speaks of the power of actions from humble hearts being used with intention to bless and honor all of Creation and for continuance of life in The Time of the Black Jaguar:

Through ceremony and prayer, ancestral peoples generated energy that they say “has to always be circulating, moving in small and big circles, for all life to always stay alive and full of the original vitality of the light of Creation.”

ceremony to honor earth and sun during solar eclipse

Closing circle at a solar eclipse ceremony by Sandra Cosentino

“Earth is a part of you and reacts to the Universal Energy field of the collective of humanity. The simple act of sending appreciation or gratitude to Earth simultaneously links you into the Dreaming of Gaia-Sophia by contributing to the transformation of destructive thought forms.” (Alisa Battaglia)


spiral galaxyPhysics has discovered what was part of known reality of our ancestors.  Prehistoric art around the world depicts spirals, labyrinths, circles, stars, the sun and moon.  These are archetypal forms inherent to all of the cosmos to which we all are linked.

“I have to believe that Einstein was able to see the world and we who are attached to it as an holistic, conscious system that behaves interactively with humans, plant and animal life… Not only Earth, but the Sun and all of the cosmos is living being.” (Wayne Moody, The Millennium Group)

Moody observes that, “Physics as shown that matter, at it’s tiniest observable level, is energy, and human consciousness is connected to it; human consciousness can influence it’s behavior and even re-structure it.”

Our heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in our body. Our emotions are encoded in this field. As we shift emotions, we change the message radiated by our heart that flows out to the sentient field of life.

Reciprocity with the Natural World

“Reciprocity with the natural world is something that indigenous peoples and cultures have understood and practiced throughout time. Mother Earth gives and sustains life. To live in balance, it makes sense to reciprocate this ultimate gift she provides by living our lives in a way that honors her, and all that are part of her.” (Pachamama Alliance)

Kindred Spirits by Bill Worrell Kindred Spirits by Bill Worrell

In this relational world view, reciprocity and sharing is valued.
Nature is understood as a teacher and source of vision and refuge—a place of spirit and mystery.
There is an understanding that there is a natural cycle and that things happen when ready. There is a sense being at home in the place where you live.

“The idea of reciprocity expresses balanced and mutual exchanges. In natural systems, such exchanges take place at the most basic energetic level–an essential law of physics states that, for every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Indigenous characteristically model their economic and social exchanges, as well as their relationships with the natural world, on the reciprocity in natural systems.” (Madronna Holden)


Cyclical Thinking

sun's path, seasons, honoring earth and spirit with ceremony

Sun’s Path during the seasons of the year.

What you do now will affect you in the future because now and the future are a continuum which is cyclically related.  Each season of the year and cycle of the moon affects our human energy systems.

Going far back into human presence on this planet, people were attuned with these energies, practiced deep observation, and created ceremony to work with these energies to generate positive continuation of life.  Honoring earth was central to their cosmology and very survival.

I share our Hopi friends view that bridges need to be built connecting us modern day humans to the life forces of the natural world around us and to our own hearts.  Indeed, this is central to our survival and thrival today on Mother Earth.

Earth Spirit Seminar in Nature:  
Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth

Some of the experiences:
  • Make Acquaintance with Nature
  • Knowledge of Place
  • Invite a dialogue with spirit of place
  • Earth-Spirit Connection Practices
  • Signs and Coincidence
  • Seeding Energies and Role of Ceremony
  • Sharing gratitude and honoring energies with the living earth.
  • Deep Attentive Seeing
  • Here-Now Presence
  • Being Available to Spirit

special Earth Day, April 22 program:  Honoring Earth and Ceremony outdoor program, 6 hours

published January 18, 2017