Hopi Culture Experience: Holders of Ancient Tradition

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Hopi Culture

Hopi clifftop village of Walpi. Symbolic of the ancestral villages, Hopi culture and Hopi journey experiences.

“I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect.  This is a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike. A magical synergy makes each one a unique experience.”
Sandra Cosentino

Hopi are respected and known around the world. They are a people who dedicate their life to maintaining balance for Mother Earth and all peoples.

People here live in both their ancient Hopi culture world and the American modern world.

Hopi people stoically maintain traditional ways of thought, family, and religion in these changing times. These mindful people seek ways to preserve their lands and ancient ceremonial way of life.  They aspire to keep the balance of traditional culture with living in the modern world.

Hopi Journey Experiences

You visit mesas, villages and homes. This is not just a tour, but a real and personal time with sincere, reverent and warmhearted people.

You meet people whose life revolves around the ancient Hopi traditions. And they may invite you to participate in their seasonal activities, or go out on the land, or into villages and homes.

You absorb an essence and make personal connections.  This is a chance for you to engage in informal discussions on Hopi life, ceremonial cycle, importance of nature and corn and topics of concern right here and now.

These direct experiences fill you with a sense of how prayer, reverence and connection to nature as a living presence imbues all aspects of life.

In past journeys, thoughtful interactions helped all of us feel our human bonds that cross cultural boundaries. Hosts welcome you, the respectful and respected visitor.  And most guests leave feeling friendship and with fresh inspiration.

Year round, traditional activities take places in the villages. While there, you will learn of the importance of renewing life and growing corn as the center of the ceremonial cycle. When available, your host may invite you to respectfully attend a community activity.

Hopi artists will show you their Kachina carvings, silver overlay jewelry, baskets and pottery.  They discuss the symbolism and the process of making this beautiful art. You will have the opportunity to purchase art direct from artists if you so choose.

It may be possible to visit a large ancestral rock art site in the Hopi back country (if weather and road conditions allow;and vehicle you are driving is suited to gravel road travel).

Hopi Cultural Experience Programs

Independent Traveler Journeys:
Hopi Mesas 1 or 2 day Journey

Special programs created for groups:
Hopi and/or Navajo Spirit
Journeys, 2 – 3 days