Hopi Spirit Journeys, 2 or 3 days

Hopi Spirit Journeys

2 or 3 day programs created for groups

Hopi drawing spiral tail lizardHopi lands are pregnant with prayer from thousands of years of ceremonies. If you enter with a sense of humble openness without expectation, you may find that the subtle vibrations of place, language, songs, culture help awaken a sense of your innate inner connection to ancestral wisdom. Sandra Cosentino

Sandra has more than 3 decades of sharing friendship and respect with Hopi people and brings you into their world with a depth of understandings so you can absorb more while there.  She draws from a depth of experience leading mystic insight retreats and earth-spirit ceremonies.

This personalized program does not include transportation.

Travel to Hopi, Navajo and other Southwest tribal lands is closed at this time and families are staying at home for their safety and well being.

Hopi family support boxes of food and hygiene supplies being sent during the coronavirus emergency through Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects.Your monetary support is welcome to help us provide boxes of hygiene and food supplies to families in Hopi villages.
Donations link and more info at our non-profit, all-volunteer Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects.


Some of the Experiences

Each program created based on your goal/interests, the time frame and budget.  These programs require planning and a lot of coordination with Hopi hosts.  We will not cram too many activities in at the expense of just have some time to informally talk, walk, observe or be engaged with hands-on art or food preparation.  These informal sharings often leave the most lasting impressions.

  • visit to a large rock art site in the backcountry with a very knowledgeable male guide who has permission from Hopi elders to share ancestor stories which are portrayed in petroglyphs going back 8,000 years ago (if road is dry and you have vehicles that can drive on 5 mile gravel road).
  • we will respectfully attend a ceremonial or other special village activity if open and available (the major times of year for this are June, July, September and October.
  • see villages on all 3 mesas as time allows
  • sharing and blessing circle and songs at a home of Hopi female participant in the traditional spiritual cycle of the year.  You will absorb a lot by just being in the flow with her. She does not talk about initiated secrets, but speaks of the Hopi world view and dedication to offering their prayers throughout the year working with the cycles of the year
  • guided insight journey(s) led by Sandra to evoke deeper personal understandings for participants and personal ceremony sharing from the heart (not copying Hopi religious practices )
  • make a gourd rattle or other artist creation with Hopi artists
  • discussion on internet myth-making about Hopi and Hopi prophecy
  • Historic Walpi village tour (if open, you do this your own with their authorized guide).
  •  traditional Hopi lunch in a home and learning more about art in relation to ceremonial life.
  • special evening sharing circle with songs, participatory movement.
  • blue pancake breakfast in a home, morning sun prayers and circle
  • See site where your hostess digs her Hopi clay from the earth plus she explains how she processes the native clay and makes her pottery (you can mold you own own clay piece).
  • Hopi traditional cooking experience and women’s role in ceremony year round
  • Hopi traditional farming and relationship to ceremonial cycle of the year and visit to a backcountry field
  • Hopi arts and artists and their inspiration
  • other topics customized to your interests
Hopi Indian lands, ceremonial cycle, Hopi tour, spirit journey, blessing circle

Hopi Mesas panorama by Sandra Cosentino: “The prayer that is walking within Creation is with us as we walk the land heart to heart and hand to hand.” Poliquimana

Hopi Spirit Program seasonal themes

Available spring through fall (unless there is good weather, dry roads for a January social dance or a Winter Solstice program at Hopi).
Recommend June and October.
Final itinerary subject to weather, village activities we may be able to attend, group interests, and host/hostess availability due to Hopi religious society duties.

  • Celebrating Summer Solstice and growth, 2nd or 3rd week in June
  • Celebrating feminine energies of harvest season and fall festival, 2nd or 3rd week in October
  • Social Dances celebrating vital energies of the youth in January and September
  • Spring energies of activating life in preparation for planting, March, April, May

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