Labor Day Weekend in Sedona 2024

Labor Day weekend in Sedona and Hopi

A good weekend in Sedona for unwinding and to make connection with the earth and your inner vision:

Sept 1 or 2, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony

Mystical nature connections, shamanic journey outdoor seminar

–Labor Day weekend special program that will include intro to vision quest and solo vision circle experience.

This is a core skills mystic vision outdoor workshop with Shamanic Journey Mentoring as you connect with Nature’s Living Presence & Ceremonial Activation with drums, rattles.
Held at a cliff view trailhead location in Sedona.
$125 each with 3 or more; $175 each for 2 (reservation and prepayment required–limited to 10 people

August 31, 6:00 – 7:30 pm 

Sedona Sunset Spirit Circle

Explore Sedona: vortex tour, sunset, full moon, earth spirit seminar on the land

Sedona sunset by Monica Parsley.

Sandra Cosentino, founder of Crossing Worlds and who is native to Arizona, shares ancestral understandings of the earth as a living presence. Connect with nature, experience a drum journey for inner insights and power animal connection.  We close with a  ceremony. Each circle customized to the participants.

$60 each with min. of 3 ($85 each with 2) group rates for 6 or more

Explore Sedona at your own pace following:

Explore Sedona circle, nature walk, trail

One of our Sedona outdoor circle sites by Sandra Cosentino

Introduction to Sedona’s Vortex, Scenic & Ancestor Sites at a scenic red rock location–your personalized immersion circle to prepare you to go explore on your own. Includes map and site descriptions hand-out; access info to parks, national forest and private sites.  Led by an Arizona native with 3 decades of experience leading tours, insight retreats and ceremonies in Sedona and Hopi and Navajo journeys. 

2 programs:

  1. Sedona Explorer Circle, Scenic, vortex and ancestor sites plus natural history, geology, Native Americans past and present, national forest trails, 1 hour or
  2. Sedona Sacred – Vortex Circle:  Deepens and expands the Sedona Explorer Circle with Mystic Insight Journeys, attuning to energies, Sacred lands perspectives. 2 hours


This is a great weekend for a 1 or 2-day Hopi Independent Travel Journey  that begins with a cultural seminar in the Sedona area the day before and then you go up for a private tour with your Hopi guide. This is harvest and family gathering times with social dances and an annual race by the youth. A great time to experience life with these warm hearted peoples. Can include back country rock art site, campfire circle & songs, fall activities such as a corn roasts, arts, foods and more. This has to be reserved in advance of your trip to Sedona and depends on Covid safety status.