Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony outdoor workshop

Deepen your Visionary Skills with direct experience of the sentient Universe:

Shamanic Journey Mentoring as you connect with Nature’s  Living Presence & Ceremonial Activation

2 chairs in a Sedona red soil landscape. 1 chair contains drum which gives a feeling of being outdoors as we make mystical nature connections and do shamanic journey to the beat of the drum.

Shamanic training in nature gives us the opportunity to also connect and interact with the natural field of energy surrounding us

This is a core mystic vision outdoor workshop.

Held at at outdoor sites around Sedona or at a Verde River area near Cottonwood.

Shamanic Journey Mentoring

You will experience a series of spirit journeys to the drum to connect that develop your visionary skills.  Includes experiences with medicine animals, wise guides and nature energies for personal insight. The rapid drum rhythm accompaniment helps relax the thinking mind so you enter the field of expanded reality with focused attention.

Sandra Cosentino mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of experience.

See Sandra’s article:  Shamanic Journey in Today’s World

“The core shamanic experience is really simple, timeless and universal. Shamanic journey is the act of sending one’s consciousness into the spirit world.  It allows the journeyer to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective not so easily achieved in ordinary reality.“  (Tom Cowan)

rainbows in front of Sedona red cliffs symbolize fresh inspiration and sense of wonder.Nature Connection and Mystic Perception Skills

We weave these insight experiences with nature and earth energy connection practices.

Mystical Perception is a timeless, here-now connection.

Nature awareness develops your ability to go into deeper levels of conscious connection with the greater web of life.

Flashes of knowing flow in as you relax into an expanded state of Now awareness.

You charge the mircro-crystals within the cells of your body in this uplifting exchange of energies.  This natural flow of energy helps clear blocks and resistances.

See Sandra’s article: Expanded Now Awareness in Nature

“Once you have personally experienced what it is like to be one with a wise and benevolent spirit, or a tree, an animal, or a rock, you know that everything is alive and whole and amazing. You are changed in a fundamental way. You can no longer look at any being or any aspect of this world as an object to be used – everything becomes a subject with a spirit of its own. And so your own subjective, caring nature is awakened. You begin to see as the shaman sees – with the heart.” (Susan Mokelke)

Red Cliff reflection on water signifies this mystical nature, shamanic journey outdoor seminar provides spiritual reflections to participants

Patterns in nature reflect our inner story. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Sedona ceremony, drumming, Nature RetreatsCeremony activates the insights that come to you as you walk your new truths.

All is made new. Reaching far back into human consciousness is a knowing of the importance of ceremonial circles to align with with the universal patterns of life.

Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change. Ceremonies remind us that we are connected with all of creation and not separate as our thinking mind perceives. We can use ceremony to emerge new phenomena.

Cost Details

Shamanic Journey Mentoring, Nature Connection and Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4 hours:

Cost for 4 hour outdoor seminar at Sedona trailhead sites $160 each with 3 or more $220 each for 2 ($360 for 1)

Includes study sheets, use of chairs, drums, rattles.

No entry fee if use Forest Service trailhead site.
$7 per vehicle park entry fee if go to Verde River lagoon park site.

Can create a 3 hour program if need be upon request:
$120 pp for 3: $170 each for 2; $275 for 1

Good companion program –  5.5 hours total:

Vortex – Scenic – Ancestor Sites Seminar at a scenic red rock site on the land, 1.5 hours

The Vortex seminar is an depth overview of Sedona area and intro to energy connections:

  • Scenic, sacred and ancestor sites
  • Natural history & geology
  • Native American prehistory, perspectives, and tribes today
  • Vortex sites (and modern day mythology about them) and many other special places within Sedona’s landscape Temples
  • discussion of spiritual energies of nature and qualities that have made Sedona a place of pilgrimage for millennia bringing Sedona area alive for you in a deeper way
  • Native American thought, metaphysical perspectives, vortex stories, geomancy, and science

Combo Price for
1.5 hour Vortex Circle +
4 hour Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar:
$200 pp with 3 or more; $270 pp with 2
($460 with 1 and Vortex Circle is 1 hour)

Includes map-sites info packet; transportation not included. Held at a red rock scenic site in Sedona.

Extend your modern day mystic practice…

Part 2–advanced version of Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony

Available for those who have previously done this outdoor workshop with Sandra.

Offers deeper experiences working with power animals and other divine helper spirits, more nature connection experiences and training on working with ceremony.

Same price as the core seminar listed above.

Mystic nature, shamanic journey, Sedona Retreat, ceremony, signs, power animals, tree connection, labyrinth, vision circle, direct knowing, spiritual, energies of nature

Juniper sketch by Teresa Setles inspired by her deep connection to the spirit of this wisdom tree.

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