Nature Mysticism is a Calling

Call of the Southwest

Nature Mysticism is a Calling

Path of the Modern Day Mystic series by Sandra Cosentino
Red cliffs reflect on rain basin on red sandstone cliff. This symbolizes entrancement with the beauty of nature can be a portal to expanded awareness.

Nature can be a portal to expanded awareness. Photo in Bear Wallow Canyon, Sedona, after a rain by Sandra Cosentino.

The path of direct knowing has always called me. 

I feel deeply connected with  the vibrant earth energies of canyon, cliff, and sun here in the Southwest region of the US.

I sense the flow of ancient peoples whose spirit life was/is informed and nurtured by these arid, craggy, big sky landscapes.

And I see more and more modern day visionaries who sense their own nature mysticism calling, seeking experiences of direct connectedness to their Source.

Nature called me to move out of the city to the mountains of northern Arizona after college. That move became a doorway to realignment of my psyche and seeing new possibilities.  During this time in my twenties, while out on the land, I received my first conscious messages from Spirit that helped me shift out of limiting beliefs and set me on a life long path of spirit connection.

Nature responds to our consciousness.

Standing at the edge of the Arctic Ocean in 1984, I longed to see an Arctic loon—seconds later one called that mournful deep throated rising tremolo and swam near to shore.  Time stood still in that moment of transcendent clarity.  Still today, loon song, midnight sun circling without setting, and moist tundra resonate within me.

Profound Alaska Migrating Caribou Mystic Experience.

I struck out on a solo, tundra-exploring hike from my Kobuk River, Alaska camp at the end of August, 1983.  The vast open landscape of low growing plants spiked with black spruce and white birch was already red with fall colors.

Jade Mountains in the Alaska Range with long line of migrating caribou floating across the red hued fall tundra. This represent a profound mystic experience.

Migrating caribou on fall tundra with Jade Mountains and Alaska Range in background. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

I was thrilled when the rolling tundra suddenly it came to life.  A herd of migrating caribou moved toward me.  I was transfixed as I watched them flowing out from the Jade Mountains in their annual escape from the snow (termination dust).  They were headed toward their ancestral river portage site on their southward migration.

Quick and graceful, caribou seemed to float across the wobbly sedge bundles with their wide hooves.  I sank into the earth and lay behind low shrubs next to their route.  Utterly transfixed and free from the constraints of the analytical mind, I was in a state of Now Awareness.

Migrating bull caribou with bare antlers reddened by the velvet shedding process. I was utterly transfixed and in a state of ecstasy, I felt my DNA was activated.

Caribou bulls in fall shedding velvet. This is near the Kobuk River in Alaska. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

As caribou came right by me, I could hear the clicking of their leg bones and their breathing.

I spontaneously went into a state of ecstasy. I felt my inner circuitry increase frequency in that magical moment.  A sensuous feeling of utter love and oneness with earth and caribou completely filled me.


A similar profound divine union experience had occurred in Machu Picchu earlier that year.  During my night-long solo circle in the ancestral city, I had the mystic experience of breathing with the adjacent sentinel peak.  While awake and aware, I simultaneously was part of the larger field of the mountain. Still today, I re-connect with that vibrational infusion just by conscious connection with this ancient sacred site.

I sensed that something in my DNA was activated while being in these profound state of divine communion. 

Is Nature Mysticism a calling for you?