Navajo Rugs by Winnie Henry


Navajo Rugs by Winnie Henry

This page has photos of Winnie Henry’s rug weaving patterns and gives information how to order a Navajo rug.

Some of Winnie’s traditional Navajo rug designs

“Art is life to me.” Upon returning from her boarding school years, Winnie knew weaving was valuable. She realized it could be an art that died and knew she had to keep it. Winnie continues today to weave many traditional patterns such as the Chinle, Lightning, Two Grey Hills, Yeibichai, Chiefs, Ganado Red, Big Star, and Storm. (Photos of these rugs.) This is her personal expression of beauty–a harmonious synthesis of elements that expresses activity, movement and energy.

Photos supplied by Winnie Henry

See full article about Winnie’s life and weaving here.

Chinle pattern by Winnie Henry


Lightning pattern by Winnie Henry


Lightning pattern by Winnie Henry


Talking Bird pattern by Winnie Henry


Diamond pattern by Winnie Henry


Chief Rug by Winnie Henry


Big Star Rug by Winnie Henry


Yei pattern (not by Winnie)

You can order a custom-made Navajo rug from Winnie.

Winnie Henry
PO Box 1583
Chinle, AZ 86503

Contact Winnie regarding size, price and timeframe.
50% deposit required, balance on pick up in Chinle or with COD delivery.
Buyer pays shipping, insurance, COD fees or picks up in Chinle, AZ.

First posted March 1, 2015.  Updated May 2, 2017 and March 2, 2021.