New Year’s Eve in Sedona: Clear the Way–EnVision 2023 with mystic insights, ceremony, nature connection

Creative Visioning  of your New Year:

Kokopelli flute ceremony to bring abundant blessings (from prehistoric Puebloan rock art)

Join in these participatory afternoon outdoor New Year’s Eve Dec. 31, 2022, Jan. 1 and 2, 2023 that include:

  • Insight Journeys to the drum for clearing & new vision
  • Nature Speaks in Signs & Symbols
  • Activation Ceremonies & Energy Infusion

An uplifting way to begin the New Year! This is to a great time to be open to new possibilities.  In this intuitive flow, you can release what no longer serves—spark new fire, vision and fluidity.

Held at outdoor settings in Sedona, Cottonwood and Beaver Creek, Arizona

Verde River lagoon with Mingus Mountain and Black Hills in Cottonwood, Arizona. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

  • Dec. 31: noon – 2:30 pm New Year’s Eve day:  Clear the old and make way for 2023 with 4 Pathways series of Primal Nature Energy Insight Journeys, Activation Ceremonies, drum circle at a Verde River site in Cottonwood.

  • Jan. 1, 1:30 – 3:00 pm New Year’s Visioning 2023 & Ceremony at a Sedona red cliff vista site.

  • January 2, 11 am – 1 pm New Year’s Visioning 2023 & Ceremony  special outdoor program  and connection with spirit of place at an ancestral sacred spring site south of Sedona.

Programs described below. Insight Sessions and other Sedona outdoor programs are also available during the holiday season.

Dec. 31, 2023 New Year’s Eve:

Clear the old and make way for a life-positive start to 2023 

noon – 2:30 pm The intention is to clear our path and open to new potentialities as we begin 2023.

Held at covered ramada in Verde River desert lagoon area in Cottonwood (20 minutes south of Sedona off of Hwy 89A)

We connect with wise Spirit Helpers, along with the vibrant life energies of earth, air, wind and fire in a series of guided shamanic insight journeys to the rhythm of the drum and other instruments.  These visionary experiences inspire freeing up of energies and give us glimpses of what is emerging in our New Year.

We then use ceremony to activate clearing of the old and the welcoming new life positive beginnings for 2023.  We use voice, rattles, drums, symbolic ceremonial instruments and movement to help make these knowings real to our mind and body.


We connect with Nature as a doorway to spirit. Enjoy practices that spontaneously connect you with the energy and sentiency of Nature.  For example, we explore signs & synchronicities,  do a divining walk, invite tree wisdom, and become a vessel flowing earth and sky energies. We collaborate with Gaia consciousness and invite Power Animal and other wise Spirit Helper connections that are meaningful for you now.  They bring us an energetic infusion which can stimulate fresh insights, courage, joy and much more. 

We inspire life positive change with a series of 4 Ceremonies that evoke primal nature energies of earth, water, air and fire. You are an active participant these ceremonies which include movement, giving voice and using sound instruments and special ceremonial art pieces.  The intention is to create new balance and instigate positive change for you as you enter 2023.

Insight Journeys in each of the 4 rounds, help us perceive with both the heart and mind.  Wise, compassionate Helper Spirits connect with us.   This gives us the opportunity to view our life from a detached spiritual perspective.  This energy infusion sparks knowings and new potentialities emerge.

Frequencies that are more in alignment with our soul’s path are stimulated. This supports clearing of non-beneficial patterns and beliefs. You may discover inner resources and ways to express more of your soul’s destiny.   Accessing our own intuition also gives a sense of confidence and empowerment. We close with a celebratory drum & rattle circle. Cost: $120 each with 3 or more ($140 each with 2 total participants, 2 hours)

  • Reservations and pre-payment required.  Transportation not included.
  • Dress warmly with hat and gloves. Bring a blanket (I will have extras if needed).
  • Should unusually stormy weather occur, program will be rescheduled on same day or to Dec. 30 or Jan. 1.  (Should this occur, participants unable to attend alternate time/date will receive partial refund less $40/person office fee).
  • Park entry fee of $7 per vehicle not included.

Limited to 12 people.

January 1, 2023 New Year Visioning, Ceremony to Celebrate your New Beginning

1:30- 3:00 pm at a Sedona outdoor red cliff scenic view site

Connect with spirit of place. Enjoy creative visioning for 2023 in at a Sedona red rock vista site with Spirit Journeys to the drum to gain fresh inspiration.  We dream, imagine, connect with wise Helper Spirits, and use ceremony to stimulate these New Year inspirations to flourish.

Closing ceremony honoring and activating the new beginnings you are seeding into your life. Cost: $70 each with 4 or more ($90 each with 2 or 3) Reservations and pre-payment required.  Transportation not included. In the event of stormy weather, will use a covered outdoor site in Sedona. Limited to 10 people. 

January 2, 2023 New Year Visioning, Sacred Spring Re-birthing ceremony, Ceremony to Celebrate your New Beginning

11 am – 1 pm Connect with spirit of place and do a Re-birthing Ceremony at an ancestral sacred site (about 30 minutes south of Sedona).

sacred spring water in prehistoric irrigation canal, re-birthing ceremony

Spring water flowing in prehistoric irrigation canal & watercress.

Sacred site introduction and Re-birthing Ceremony. Enjoy creative visioning for 2023 in a beautiful sycamore and cottonwood grove near Beaver Creek with Spirit Journeys to the drum to gain fresh inspiration.  We dream, imagine, connect with wise Helper Spirits, and welcome the New Year seeds to take root and flourish. Weave the threads of the new story that is emerging for you with spontaneous, creative expression: New Mythology, images, writing, voice, rattles, Power Animal energy infusion. Montezuma Well sacred circle, ceremony, spirit of place, mystic insightsClosing ceremony honoring and activating the new beginnings you are seeding into your life. Allow an extra hour after our program to explore this special Puebloan Ancestor site on your own.  Take this private time to deepen your re-birthing ceremony with suggestions I will provide you. Cost: $90 each with 4 or more ($125 each with 2 or 3 people) Reservations and pre-payment required. Transportation not included. Limited to 8 people. In the event of rainy weather, we will reschedule time on Jan. 3r do the program on Jan. 4.  (In the event you are unable to attend if rescheduled, your fee will be refunded less a $40 per person office fee.)

Insight Sessions and other Sedona outdoor programs are also available during the holiday season.

Shamanic training workshop in nature, Sedona.

Circles in Nature by Sandra Cosentino