Shamanic Insight Sessions On-Line Mentoring

Shamanic Sessions On-Line

Drum for shamanic journey practice, Sedona, Arizona by Sandra Cosentino

Drum I made on which Hopi artist painted spirit beings emerging

Shamanic journeys are personal experiences of divine connection that can be done effectively on-line.

This personalized on-line mentoring is with Sandra Cosentino, founder of Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats, Sedona, 1991. She has more than 3 decades of experience with insight practices, leading retreats and ceremonies.

These sessions are dedicated to support you in being your own Seer.  You actively participate along with me in doing insight journeys and other intuitively guided practices that help you make meaningful realizations.

Please read Sedona Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions description first to have a fuller description about the practice of shamanic journey.

Sessions & Retreat programs on-line:

Spirit horse and red sun speaks of the power of medicine animals to support shamanic journeys.Types of sessions:

  • to work with an issue, a goal, a project, or a new creation you have in mind
  • to support deepening your spiritual insight practices such as working with shamanic journey, lucid dream work, ceremony, nature as a source of spiritual inspiration, being Present-noticing signs-observing with compassion to self
  • to create your own personalized insight retreat at a more leisurely pace without having to travel to Sedona which could include doing a series of sessions
  • to help you launch a new project

How it works:

  1. I meditate with Spirit on your behalf before and during our session.
  2. You call me on Skype or Facetime or Zoom (we arrange this in advance by appointment).
  3. During and before the session* I hold sacred space for you. 
  4. We invite wise, compassionate Helper Spirits and do experiential shamanic insight exploration together. 
  5. I give intuitive feedback, share teachings,  listen, and prompt your own wisdom to emerge.  The session can also include ceremony and other practices such as working with intention, mindfulness, attentiveness.
  6. After our session, I give you email summary and suggestions for continuing the work until the next session. I may also recommend a book(s) to enhance what we are working with or send a study sheet.


  • 1 hour on-line session, $100 per session  (this fee includes my before and after time)
  • 1.5 hours, $140 for on-going retreat sessions or a more in-depth single session.  This allows more time to work with insight skills mentoring, and with your dreams, signs and knowings that have come to you since the previous session. 
  • 5% discount applies for series of 3 prepaid sessions.

The fee is paid prior to our sessions and is non-refundable. It includes:

  • our in-person, on-line session
  • my time spent in meditative preparation before our session
  • email feedback with follow up suggestions after our session.
  • Sometimes I send study sheets or book recommendations.

Discounts apply for prepayment of a program or retreat with 4 or more sessions.

ceremony, vision quest, solo circle

Full Moon rising at twilight over Sedona cliffs by Monica Parsley

Making this meaningful for you

You are actively learning and making realizations by your own direct experience at a pace that works with your life. A quickening occurs during these sessions as we energetically work together.

Please let me know your goal for session(s).  We can do a single session to address an issue. If you want to develop your shamanic and seer skills, do a retreat, work on a project, or address deeper issues, I recommend that we schedule a series of sessions. During our session, I give you feedback and introduce new skills and journeys to expand on previous work. In between sessions much integration and movement occurs.  Your work on your own between our sessions is an important part of this process; such as, noticing signs, lucid dreaming, nature connection and other seer practices. This is the path of direct knowing, attentiveness, and focus and it flows out of a direct relation to the natural world.  Thus, it is empowering to spend some time outdoors connecting with earth, water, trees, sky.

Suggested Topics

Core Work:

  • Core shamanic journey spirit helper skills
  • Nature as a field of energy and connectedness skills, signs, symbols
  • Inner pathways/conscious evolution: lucid dreaming, meditation, shifting embedded patterns, tracking how you are using your energies, chakra clearing, listening to your body, mindfulness practices.

Expanded and Creative work:

  • Past, Future, Mystic Child connections
  • Current issues
  • New vision, connecting with your longing and taking steps to live the authentic path of your soul, opening to new creativity
  • Launching a new project
  • Creating ceremonies for specific purposes or times of year–paying attention to time-honored core ways that add power and effectiveness

Advanced work consideration:

I could consider doing this type of work with a very motivated person that just cannot come to Arizona for in-person work.  

  • Extraction-Clearing-Restoring Original Matrix-Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Solo Overnight in Nature on own with guidance, support energy and feedback for those with outdoor skills and deep commitment to the process.


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