Power Animal Allies of our Soul Sedona outdoor workshop

Power Animal Allies of our Soul:
Connect with Instinctual Wisdom

A Sedona 3-day shamanic power animal connections training program
Led by Sandra Cosentino, based on 3.5 decades of experience

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Bear Spirit can come as a medicine animal spirit helper when invited.

This is an insightful & joyful time of discovery as we:

++ work with intention and shamanic journey to invite connection with 9 primary totem animals
++ activate their presence in your life with actions!

The nine power animals represent the gifts-aspirations-challenges you came into this life with*.

I visualize them as a support team, an energetic matrix, that aide in your authentic expression.

2021 dates:
  • April 16 – 18
  • May 8 – 10
  • June 5 – 7
  • Aug. 28 – 30
  • or at a date that works for you

Wild animal helper spirits are not limited to these 9.  Some totems are with us our entire life.  Others often appear spontaneously to meet  a need.  Thus, skills learned in this workshop provide a good basis for you to continue opening to the support and friendship of these wise beings.

Black and white striped butterfly on a red flower symbolizes medicine animal, totem, power animal allies of our soul workshop in Sedona

The gift of the power animal connection is to allow our cells to hold more light, power and energy. Photo by Sandra Cosentino.

This program is for those who want to go beyond intellectual concepts to:

  • direct experience of the energetic infusion and support of these spiritual allies bring
  • make meaningful power animal connections
  • express more of your own instinctual wisdom
  • do vision circle practice under the stars with their support
Wild animals do not doubt themselves. They are aware of all around them, and confidently take action.

We activate the Power Animal connection with:

nature awareness practices, signs, dreams, movement, voice, art, ceremony, drumming, vision circle and more.

No prior experience is necessary.
Set an intention to perceive with new eyes.   Please come with an openness and no preconceptions.  Allow the animal helper spirit to come to you.  Enjoy making loyal spiritual friendships.  And seeing prior power animal friendships in an expanded way.

Medicine animals—the spirit of wild animals, birds, and other beings of the earth, waters and skies—are part of the non-verbal language of spirit. 

mystical nature, shamanic journey, spirit helper, ceremony, Sedona Retreat, signs, power animal, vision circle

Bear Spirit protecting human who is on a spirit journey

Power animals–including mythic and extinct animals–are in our consciousness, dreams and often our physical world.

The spirit of totem animals gift us with their powers and compassionate wisdom.  When they connect with us, it is unique to our need and circumstance. 

Each species evolved on the planet long before humans.  These wild beings are imbued with power derived from eons of interaction with the primordial forces of biologic life.

Essentially, we receive knowings and an energetic infusion that supports our energy field, brings fresh insights, courage, joy and much more.

More info in my article:  Power Animals are Vibratory Infusion

Retreat leader, Sandra Cosentino, was initiated into power animal wisdom in her youth via lucid dreams and time spent in nature. 

She deepened this communication with decades of shamanic journey and other mystic insight practice. She also has observed and interacted with the spirit of an amazing variety of wild beings who appear in support of participants during ceremonies and insight sessions.

$500 each with 3 or more; $750 each with 2, ($1,300 for 1–with one person day 1 is 4 hour session and does not include lunch break at site)

Includes: $30 pp private site fee, reference packet, art supplies, planning and program outlined.
Does not include:  transportation, meals (bring your own lunch on day 1–I will have ice chest available).
We will be meeting at outdoor sites in the Sedona red rock area, 1 or 2 sites in Cottonwood, one site 18 miles south of Sedona (30-35 minutes), one site 15 minutes south of the west end of Sedona.  We will work with weather, size and needs of group in finalizing meeting sites.

Please email for registration details.  I welcome you to this inspiring and informative core shamanic practice training program! 

Program Outline

There will also be evening and morning practices on your own that are essential to your integration of these totem animal connections–so plan for a full 3 days!
Day 1
Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey and Earth Connections outdoor seminar,
7 hours (2, 2.5 hour sessions and a 2 hour lunch break/integration time to walk the large labyrinth, reflect, journal,-sketch or sit next to the creek)
Held at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek.  Foundational experiences with using shamanic journey for medicine animal connection and nature connection practices.
At days end, we co-create ceremony activating the powers of your first 4 animal helpers.  Learn how to invoke energies and walk your intention.
sunset and evening on own:  nature time, deep observing with your spirit animals; art pieces; journal, reflect.

Day 2
dawn on own: greet sun, vision circle
morning 2.5 hour session at sacred ancestor site (if site is unavailable due to pandemic closure, we will go to a Verde River lagoon site in Cottonwood):
–share signs, knowings, dreams and intuitive feedback from Sandra
–2 more more medicine animal connections
–connect with wise ancestor spirit and prepare for rebirthing ceremony which you do at the site on your own after our session
afternoon on own: nature walk, journaling/drawing, integration, relaxation, art pieces
evening 3 hour session at red rock scenic site:
–2 more medicine animal connections
–Solo vision Circle under the stars (about 1 hour) with support of the 4 totems you met today
Full moon rising over Secona ref cliff with person in hat watching symbolizes our solo vision circle with the support of power animals.

Sedona spiritual inspiration circle under the moon and stars.

Day 3

early morning on own: greet sun, nature time, final 2 medicine art pieces, make a simple power staff, journal-reflect on all 8 totems
afternoon 3 hour closing session at an outdoor site either in Sedona or Cottonwood near Verde River or at studio site with access to more sound instruments:
–final medicine animal connection
–apply shamanic journey to explore ways to live more of your destiny as you deepen support work with your 9 Totems to bring this into your life as an on-going support
–Council of Power Animals speaking your authentic truth
–Closing Ceremony with drumming, your animal spirit songs, celebration

This program draws elements from Sandra’s 3+ decades of experience with leading retreats, creating & facilitating ceremony and, working with power animals’ energetic presence in programs such as:

  • Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony outdoor insight seminar
  •  Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching
  • Landscape as Spiritual Doorway Practices: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart outdoor experiential seminar
  • Mystical Insight Retreats

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* 9 totem animal understandings first caught my attention in the 1988 “Medicine Cards – The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals,” by Jamie Sams and David Carson.
And in the past few years I delved into the 9 totem animals’ energies, relevancy and role in my life.  I came to understand them as a life-path energetic support matrix that I may have developed as a support team before our birth into this life. Workshop guests also have been energized by the 9 totems connections.
You are welcome to join the on-going adventure of discovery!