Spring Insight Retreats & Ceremonies in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Spring Retreats 2021

If you feel the calling to come for some fresh inspiration and nature connection, please see March-April-May Retreats and Earth Day outdoor seminar.

I am flexible to adjust these programs as needed. Or I can create a program on a date that might work better for your schedule.

Retreats are open for others to join and prices are based on a 3-person minimum, but I have 2 and 1 person rates so you can plan on the program happening on the date you want to come to the Sedona area.

4 special Spring Equinox New beginnings, Visioning in Nature, Sunset-Stars, Ceremony and sound healing programs.
March 20-22

A joyful time of connection with the spring natural world and exploring inner world seeds of new beginning and activating with ceremonies.
Option to to do all 4 for a retreat, or select individual program(s).

Full Description here

new 2-day program 

Voice of our Longing – Fresh Look – Instigate Change personalized Retreat
March 13 – 14 (new moon)

Listen to the voice of your longing. Instigating the next becoming, listening to the signs that are calling us, overcoming resistance, taking a chance and stepping over the edge into a greater reality.

Creative exploring to access passions of the soul, energize and renew: Insight journeys – conscious evolution practices – ceremony to activate change.
Nature connection, signs, synchronicities, spontaneous creative expression to tap into your innate knowing.

Expand Horizons Spiritual Insight Retreat6-Day modern day mystic immersive program.
April 2 – 7

View your life from a Higher Self perspective and open new vision.  Experience the larger reality as you develop your shamanic journey practice. Perceive new possibilities.

Painting of raven on a branch overlooking a canyon. Represents one of the power animals we connect with and the mystic vision.

Discover nature as a portal to expansion of consciousness.  Experience ceremony as a way to voice your truths and activate positive change.

Work with clearing what no longer serves and with soul retrieval processes.

Earth Day special 6-hour program on April 22:
Honoring Nature, Earth-Spirit Connection & Ceremony

photo of a woman laying on the Earth symbolizes connecting with nature on Earth Day.A joyful day on the earth at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek with ceremonial sites.

Connect with the living earth to honor her and enhance our own well-being.

We will weave insight journeys with nature connection experiences, ceremonies, and practices to honor our reciprocal relationship with the sentient world that surrounds us.

Participants will co-create ceremony to to seed life-positive energies.  Drums and rattle circle.

Program available on other dates.

Led by Sandra Cosentino based on her lifetime of connection with the natural world and more than 3 decades experience leading nature-cultural tours, mystic insight programs and ceremonies.  Sandra has been deeply inspired by decades of sharing friendship and respect with Native American people and their earth spirit practices that stem from thousands of years of the cultural evolution in relation to Mother Earth.  In this seminar she shares universal practices that are part of our shared human heritage on this planet and does not copy specific tribal rituals.

This program draws elements from:  Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey, Earth and Sky Speak to Us, and Honoring Ways to Connect With the Living Earth outdoor seminar extensive experience with creating ceremony.

Please email for registration details.  I welcome to share in the celebratory day!

Power Animals Allies of our Soul outdoor workshop

April 16 – 18

Connect with instinctual wisdom in this Sedona power animal connections training program.

Bear face showing their powerful eyes is a representation of the Spirit of Bear coming in shamanic journey as a spirit helper

Once I looked directly into a bear’s eyes in the wild–that image of focused attention is forever burned into my psyche.

Mystic Vision 3-day Full Moon Retreat with solo circle vision quest introduction program

  • March 26-28 
  • April 24 – 26 
  • May 24 – 26 

Develop core skills working with nature energies, shamanic journey and ceremony and experiences of solo vision circle.

Sedona Vision Quest Retreat
May 15-22 (or at a date that works best for you)

Connect with your authentic self in the power of Nature in this 8-day intensive.  There are many skills and daily practices involved.  Please read the full description and see if this  resonates for you and if you can give this your full attention plus do some preparation work.  May and early June are great weather months for this program.

date is flexible for interested small groups

Spring Seeding New Life, special 1 day outdoor program:  A personalized circle of mystic insights, sharing, ceremony, celebration & Hopi wisdom. 

1 day program at outdoor sites south of Sedona can be arranged for a group of at least 5 people.  Led by:

  • Sandra Cosentino, mystic pathways mentor and ceremonial facilitator and
  • Roanna Kagenveama, Hopi traditional life participant, inspiring speaker and artist

Roanna will share wisdom drawn from her Hopi life, culture and ceremonial participation and speak of the importance of working with spring energies. Participants will experience speaking from the heart in circle, be encouraged to connect with their spring aspirations, and activate them with ceremony.  We will activate these seeds as we make our Spirit piece, do movement inspired by Hopi dance steps rhythms, and  co-create ceremony.

Sandra will guide nature connection and shamanic journey experiences to connect with spirit helpers, your spring vision, and the energies of the natural world.  She, along with Roanna, will guide you in working with intention in a series of ceremonies to activate the seeds you want to bring to fruition.