Ride the Wind: Invite Intuition

by TaVie Coquille Jazlyn

Swimming in Mystery Soup

Following the depths of winter, we all need a breath of fresh air, to relax into the Winds of Change, allowing it to breathe us–bellow our lungs, in and out, in and out: to blow out what no longer applies; freshen in us what still does, renew what has gone dormant in us from lack of use — that is circling within us, restless to engage us and our world again.

A long ways back, we separated out from trusting our Intuition, the Voice of Mystery–regarding it as a ‘unusual,’ — an ‘infrequent visitor,” rather than as our Partner. Going off on our own, we’ve become ever hyper-vigilant, unable, for the most part, to enjoy that which is before us, unfurling. We look at sync–being in alignment with things; synchronicity–things coming together, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place–as rare, uncommon, scarce–undependable. Not so.

It only awaits our invitation. And, usually, we don’t–invite it. Instead, we struggle, we strain; we plot, we plan, we scheme, we avoid. Any wonder we’re tired, exhausted, off-our beam?

Invite it! re-Partner with Mystery–not just a few munches–graze on it, swim in it, soak in it.

The three Muses of Mystery–Intuition, Inspiration and Imagination–the bridge to our Creativity awaits our nod, our invite. Open the door of your mind to it, and  Life starts to work in unexpected, delicious, validating ways–ways never imagined, anticipated . . .

God arrives on this planet through our hands, our eyes–our wonder; our intrigue–through self-EXPRESSION; through our answering what shivers us with anticipation, shimmers our souls with possibility. Give it breath. Give it LIFE: try out “I” words:

Intuit, Inspire, Imagine
Imprint new Impressions onto your awareness
Infuse your possibilities with your Impulses
Interior landscape? You are on the Discovery Channel
Innermost depths–Invest in you and your art; dare
Interest your muse with succulent ideas
Investigate possibilities
Invite your Intuition on a date–
[let it Introduce you to the rest of your self]
Inflame and quench yearnings
Incite surprise–let it Ignite you
Imbibe the Mystery . . . Tip back your head; drink the rain!

TaVie Coquille Jazlyn is a life long inner and outer nature explorer, writer, singer, voice actor. For many years she was a professional jeep tour guide in Sedona, Arizona. She also worked with ceremonies, insight work and cultural tours with Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats and as a Unity Village prayer associate. See her Seachange Solutions blog here.

posted May, 2016