Sedona Sunrise or Sunset Ceremony

Sunrise and Sunset each day are auspicious times for ceremony.

This Sedona Sunrise Ceremony or Sunset Ceremony program is held at a red rock scenic site.  1.5 hours.
We meet at pre-dawn or pre-sunset. And sense how the nature energy shifts as the light changes.

Woman with arms lifted up facing Sedona red cliffs; signifies one of the sites where we do Sedona sunrise ceremony or sunset ceremony and connect with ancestor wisdom.

Connect with ancestral wisdom on ceremony in nature.   Sunrise or Sunset ceremony is a daily spiritual practice that humans have used since the dawn of time.  Also, it is a potent way for humans to share reciprocity with the natural life forces.

Some of your experiences:

  •  nature connection
  • divining walk
  • spirit journey to the drum for inspiration & guidance
  • sunrise ceremony or sunset ceremony is co-created for season and participants

This sunrise or sunset ceremony program is led by Sandra Cosentino.  And it is based on her more than 3 decades of experiences leading and participating in universal ceremonies. She has been inspired by sharing in friendship and respect with Native peoples, but does not copy tribal ceremony.

Cost per program:  1.5 hours; $60 each with 3 or more ($85 each for 2)
Please let me know if you prefer dawn or sunset.

All is made new.

Reaching far back into human consciousness is a knowing of the importance of ceremonial circles.   Ceremony in nature helps humans to align with with the universal patterns of life.

Since time immemorial indigenous peoples have practiced sunrise ceremony and sunset ceremony.  Ceremonies remind us that we are connected with all of creation.  Even though our thinking mind perceives us as separate from nature.

This Sun Bear wisdom carries a timeless wisdom about why humans participate ceremony.

“The most important thing to remember about ceremony is that it is a way for humans to give back to the creation some of the energy that they are always receiving.
~ When we sing, we give energy through our voice.
~ When we drum we allow the earth’s heartbeat to join with our own.
~ When we pray we give energy through our hearts.
~ When we look upon our relations, we give blessings thru our eyes.

When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space where:
~ Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance.
~ Time takes on a different dimension.
~ Emotions flow more freely.
~ The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them.
~ All is made new; everything becomes sacred.”

4 ladies touching a big juniper tree symbolizes participating with universal patterns of ceremony and being in reciprocity with Nature.

Sedona Sunrise Ceremony.

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