Sedona Inspirational Programs in Nature

Connecting with the natural life forces heart to heart.

1.5 to 2 hour inspirational circles…

+ Full Moon Inspiration & Ceremony Circle:

Connection with celestial & earth energies, spirit journey to the drum and ceremony.–a joyful program personalized to the participants and the season during any cycle of the moon.

+ Sedona Sunset Spirit Ceremony

This is an auspicious and awe inspiring time for reflection, gratitude and ceremony–the sun seems to touch the earth and is symbolic of the life-force energies.

+ Hopi Ancestral Sacred Spring Intro + Spiritual Insight & Ceremony Circle

Sense spirit of place, earth and water energies, participate in spirit journeys and welcome new beginnings to take root and flourish.  We meet at site about 30 minutes south of Sedona and invite you to explore the site on your own after our program.

+ Discover Sedona Circle:

Introduction to Sedona’s Vortex, Scenic & Ancestor Sites at a scenic red rock location. Then you explore at your own pace with map & info.

3 – 4 hour outdoor workshops

Drum for shamanic journey practice, Sedona, Arizona by Sandra Cosentino

Drum I made on which Hopi artist painted spirit beings emerging

+ Shamanic Journey-Nature Connection-Ceremony workshop:

A core visioning skills mentoring program. Shamanic journeys to connect with wise helper spirits and your own greater wisdom. Woven with nature connection practices and ceremony.

+ Solo Vision Quest Circle Nature at Night program:

An experiential nature at night program that is an introduction to vision quest as a spiritual practice.  Begins at sunset.

+ Landscape as a Spiritual Doorway workshop:

Nature as a portal to expanded awareness, practices to connect with the sentiency and primal energies of nature, honoring ways. 

Sedona spiritual retreat, mystic nature, shamanic journey, ceremony, shamanic journey, medicine wheel, labyrinth, vision quest

Connecting with energy and consciousness of the creekside sycamore tree by Sandra Cosentino

1 – 2 hour customized circles for groups or families…

+ Spirit of Sedona Welcome Circle

A personalized introduction to the stories and energies of Sedona and ancient connections to the greater region.  Held outdoors at a red rock scenic site. Personalized to your interests.  If you want more details on trails, please consider the Discover Sedona Vortex-Scenic Sites Circle.

+ Ceremony Created for your Sedona Visit

Woman walking in ceremony in a labyrinth at sunset with fall colors on shrubs and a lava cone in background illustrates using ceremony to activate your new inspirations.

Labyrinth ceremony: using intention, spiritual connection and movement to activate positive change.

Mystic Insight Retreats

2 – 8 day programs are also being held outdoors at this time.

These programs can be converted to On-Line personalized experiences for 1 or more people for those who prefer to expand your horizons from home during this time. 

Thunder Mountain in soft sunset light.

Thunder Mountain sunset by Sandra Cosentino

Sedona, Arizona resonates with the heart beat of the earth. There is a presence here that quickens your senses, that calls you home. It is a gateway into the Colorado Plateau, the second largest plateau in the world. A place of mysterious beauty, it is alive with Creation stories and with eons of the Earth’s creation exposed in sinuous red and white canyons. A primordial force of crystalline rock embedded with prayers from many millennia of humans honoring this sacred earth, her energies vibrate at a cellular level in those who come in pilgrimage. Sandra Cosentino