Discover Sedona Vortex – Scenic Sites Circle

Painting of Cathedral Rock in Sedona:

Painting “Cathedral Morning” by Cody DeLong

Explore Sedona on your own following:

Vortex – Scenic – Ancestor Sites Circle at a scenic red rock site 

Your personalized circle for an informed, feeling-sense of the Sedona area.

Led by Sandra Cosentino, who has a wealth of stories and info to share. She is native to Arizona with more than 3 decades of experience leading Sedona tours, insight retreats and ceremonies; and Hopi* and Navajo journeys.

Sedona is a place where we are still today creating a mythology in relation to the land.  I share Native American perspectives, metaphysical legends and unique qualities that have made Sedona a place of inspiration since prehistoric times. And you have your stories to discover as you explore Sedona at your leisure!

Please choose Program 1 or 2:

1. Sedona Explorer Circle, 1 hour: a great overview of the Sedona area and many ideas for exploring.

2. Sedona Sacred – Vortex Circle, 1.5 hours: deepens Sedona Explorer with focus on spiritual energies and can include an insight journey to the drum & intuitive feedback.

Four Sisters red rock formation; this is a Sedona ancestor sacred site which is discussed in Discover Sedona Program

Four Sisters Sacred Site

1. Sedona Explorer Circle, 1 hour

  • Scenic, sacred and ancestor sites
  • Natural history & geology
  • Native American ancestors, perspectives, and tribes today
  • Vortex sites (and modern day mythology about them)
  • Nature observation
  • National forest trails and info about other state and private sites.

Cost: Includes map & sites info
$38 pp with 3 or more (family and group discounts available).
$48 pp with 2
$88 with one person 

Cathedral Rock with shadow of setting sun: a Sedona scenic, sacred and vortex site

2. Sedona Sacred – Vortex Circle, 1.5 hours:

  • Scenic, sacred and ancestor sites
  • Natural history & geology
  • Native American ancestors, perspectives, and tribes today
  • discussion of spiritual energies of nature and qualities that have made Sedona a place of pilgrimage for millennia bringing Sedona area alive for you in a deeper way
  • practice ways to tune in, open mystic perception
  • Native American thought, metaphysical perspectives (new mythology), vortex stories, geomancy, and science.
  • Guided journey to the drum with intuitive feedback for personal insight and deeper connection to spirit of place.
  • Sense what called you here at this time The time will fly by–there is so much to share.
  • Cost:  Includes map & trails and special sites.
    $60 pp with 3 or more (family and group discounts available).
    $90 pp with 2
    $155 with one person

Combo option: Vortex Circle, 1.5 hours + Mystical Nature Connections, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4  or 6 hours , at a private site on Oak Creek. You will experience nature connection practices and a series of spirit journeys to connect with medicine animals, wise guides and nature energies for personal insight. mentors you and offers intuitive insights.  We do ceremonies to activate positive change. A core mystical practice training seminar.

1 person waking a Sedona 7-path labyrinth. This is a ceremony to walk your new path during shamanic journey outdoor workshops in Sedona.

Labyrinth Ceremony

*Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects non-profit was created by Sandra in 1999 to support Hopi sustainability. Operating under permit to Red Rock Ranger District, Coconino National Forest

Tall Agave in flower with Bear Wallow Canyon in background. Represents Discover Sedona Circle information on the native plants, animal and geology of the Sedona area.

Agave in bloom overlooking Bear Wallow Canyon. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Spirit of Southwest blog articles about some of our distinctive high desert plants:

  • Agave Roasting: A Prehistoric Puebloan and Apache Tradition–article
  • Spirit of the Juniper Tree article
  • Creosote Desert Shrub That Smells Like Rain article

Sedona Spiritual Connection to nature programs:

  • Moon-Stars Mystic Inspiration & Ceremony Circle that begins at sunset with introduction to the Spirit of Sedona–a joyful program personalized to the participants and the season. 2 hours.
  • Sunset-Starlight Nature at Night & Solo Vision Programwith introduction to vision quest and solo vision circle spiritual practice and connecting with nature at night. 3 – 3.5 hours
  • Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Mentoring in Nature + Ceremony outdoor insight seminar.  4 or 6 hours, held at a private site on Oak Creek with lovely ceremonial structures. Recommend doing this following the Sedona Sacred Vortex Circle
  • Landscape as Spiritual Doorway Practices: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart outdoor experiential seminar. 2.5 – 3 hours training that expands and deepens nature connection practices. We will use shamanic journey so it is best to do this after the Shamanic Journey, Nature Connection & Ceremony outdoor seminar or other shamanic training.