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Ancestral and Core Shamanism Perspectives &
Shamanic Journey Session Description

This page provides more detail for Sandra Cosentino’s:

+ Shamanic Journey Studio Sessions

+ On-Line Shamanic Insight Sessions

Ancestral  Perspectives 

Medicine people of earth wisdom based cultures classically look at healing as a process of restoring balance–the main aspects of this are:

  • restoration of power
  • clearing negative intrusions
  • restoring the soul aspects which have been lost due to trauma

These medicine people had/have skills that expand perception into the larger world of spirit for insight, guidance or healing on behalf of others. They journey in their spirit body  to connect with energies, insights via:

  • upper or celestial realms or Higher Self domain
  •  into the spiritual dimension of our physical reality often called extra-ordinary reality
  • into the lower world or realms within ourself and within the heart of Mother Nature

They also value dreamers and dreaming, are astute observers of the natural world and work in a heart-centered, powerful way with projection of intention via voiced prayer and song, shared focus and an absolute trust that they are part of co-creation in a sentient and responsive universe.

Core Shamanism Perspectives

Modern shamanic practitioners generally work with what has become known as “core shamanism” through the extensive teaching work of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which has studied indigenous practices from around the world and synthesized this into a focus on skills with shamanic journeying. These trainings do not include specific cultural or religious context or ceremonies.

Shadow of a solo person in red cliffs of Sedona, Arizona practicing mystic vision skills in nature.

Nature connection in Sedona by Sandra Cosentino

Individual practitioners then utilize these skills within their own authentic context. For me, the context has always flowed from the context of direct relationship to Nature, lucid dreaming skills, mindfulness practices and utilizes ceremony to help make the internal shifts real in the body system. I have also absorbed much wisdom from my Native friends, but I do not copy their specific practices, songs or ceremonies.

Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions description

We are each being called
to be more than we know we are;
to become our own shaman-healer.
And to align with the rising frequencies of Mother Earth.
Come home to yourself, your soul’s fire.

Foundational Core Sessions

1.  Shamanic Journey Skills
Foundational skills development based on timeless, archetypal pathways. We use focused intention and attention to connect with the communicative life force of the universe for insight, energetic support. I mentor you, provide intuitive feedback. Better to do the outdoor version, but if time is limited, can be done in the studio.

Learn to work with intention, focus, subtle messages, energies and letting spirit come to you. Animal helpers, for example, come to us naturally offering a vibrational resonance that enlarges our energy field, skills and perceptions and sense of never being truly alone as we face our challenges. This provides a powerful base for the deeper soul journey work and enhances your psychic skills.

Better to learn these skills in an outdoor setting along with heightening nature perception in Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey (photo below from outdoor setting).  The essence of working with shamanic insight is vibrational awareness and is based on a deep relationship to the energies of the earth and cosmos. Outdoor awareness skills and time in nature are essential to this.

2. Inner Pathways – Conscious Evolution Awareness Practices
Powerful insight tools to deepen perceptual and energy movement skills. They enhance shamanic practice and ability to work with focused intention; such as, practice with lucid dreaming, meditation, tracking and clearing embedded energies/patterns.  Develop attentiveness and Here-Now Presence as your point of power. Insights into genetic patterns, soul’s longing. Tune in to body wisdom and allow stuck energies to move. Includes chakra clearing and sound healing with gong, Himalayan metals and other instruments. Each session personalized to you and includes feedback.

Creative Insight Work

Mystic Child, Past & Future Self, Ancestor Journey, Deepen Dream Skills, Current Issues, Re-dreaming Ceremony. Reclaim visionary childhood knowings as a source of inspiration now. Ancestor, Past and Future Self connections that are meaningful now. Deepen skill level with aware dreaming, shifting embedded patterns. Can include re-dreaming ceremony to recast energies from potent events of your life into your new evolution now.  Explore other topics for guidance as time allows. Each session personalized.

Imagining–Conscious ReCreation.
We devote this session to expanding perception to new possibilities and sensing what is calling you. Is something nudging you to take time to sense new possibilities of how to use your energies or spend your time? Perhaps you are in a time of inspiration, challenge, change, sorrow, or emptiness and are ready for a new beginning more in alignment with your Higher Self.

Guided insight journeys and other spontaneous experiences tap into your subconscious longing. Images and feelings emerge that have power for you. Imagining is seed power: our body believes in images–they spark a physical response. We activate these seeds ceremony, movement, sound and more.  See Conscious Re-Creation article.

2-day Instigate Change Retreat option: deeper, richer experience will emerge by doing the retreat with a variety of experiences to support this process. And in between sessions you have nature and creative practices that will stimulate new knowings. This gives you germination time.  

Working with Issues.  Personalized explorations to support you in gaining fresh insight and approaches with ideas, challenges, projects, and/or issues in your life.

Explore  Past, Parallel and Future Selves that are meaningful to you here and now.  Can include healing/rebalancing work with ancestral patterns, cultural beliefs, or embedded response patterns that no longer serve you.


Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching.  Please see description here.

4 Master Elements Activation Ceremony to clear the path, energize, stimulate new beginnings:
• We invite the energetic building blocks of life—water, earth, fire and air— to clear and energize our path.
• We connect with wise Helper Spirits associated with these primal life forces to spark knowings and fresh insights.
• We activate these inspirations with nature connections, voice, sound instruments and movement.


More Advanced Work

Core shamanic Skills or Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey work are prerequisite for this work. You need good shamanic journey skills to do this effectively. I am journeying with you, but this work is much more powerful when you open pathways to let spirit show you what is ready to be released and what is ready to come back home. I support you as you move through blocks, see new possibilities and gain confidence in your own seer skills, but I respect that ultimately you are your own shaman-healer.

Best done over 2 or more days. Most effective in the context of a 4 – 7 day retreat where you also learn nature skills and get daily dream feedback, insights and signs from your own daily work. This is a progression of internal experiences that is slowly integrated as a new reality. This work is much more effective when you truly take time out to focus and deepen without distraction.

Extraction – Release of Unbeneficial Energies. Release is an essential element to create space for a bigger energy to come in to you. Soul retrieval is a whole lot more effective when preceded by this clearing work. In tribal medicine ways, clearing of negative intrusion is the first aspect of consideration. After years of working with this I see that much of what we view as negative are our inculturated belief systems, our inner resistance to change, and old patterns that once served a purpose but now are impeding our expansion.

We begin with a powerful intention to bring in powerful supportive Helper Spirits that are right for you at this time. Within the framework of this energy, we journey to uncover what is key for you to deal with at this time and, with your spirit support, you will experience moving this energetic pattern. We make it real to your mind with a follow up ceremony.

Soul Retrieval. This work is to reclaim more of your soul’s presence and vital energy that have become separated or weakened in expression in your life through traumas, misperceptions, and various life experiences. I journey into the spirit world and find fragmented parts of your soul and negotiate with them to come back to you–but it is far more empowering and effective for you to do this for yourself. Building on the work done in Extraction and Spirit Helper connection, you learn how to track in the Lower World to find what is lost or hidden with a practice journey. Then we track, call home, and ceremonially integrate part(s) of you that are ready to come home into your life now. This is a profound act of coming home to self.  This is a deeply self-nurturing and compassionate experience.

 Mentoring & Honoring our Child Self–Freeing Innate Skills, Talents

 Instigating Healing Energies.

Extended journey work to instigate healing energies in your body and come into greater balance with your challenge. We seek direct insights and energetic infusion from within your own body, from wise spirit helpers, nature. The focus is to restore your original matrix. We may do a journey to confront an addiction, challenge or illness and begin a process of shifting that. For this to be affective, you have to be engaged in the process, learn deep compassion and patience for your self, and continue to integrate this new reality into your thought system and actions. This is not a magic bullet. But you can make an energetic break through.

Deeper levels of Visioning or Creative Exploration. Extended journey work exploring your emerging vision or creative project. Connect with your soul group, ancestor wisdom, future self. An important companion to this work is solo nature connection work and aware dreaming.

“We are wired to transcend our historical experience of being human. Through disciplined practice we can effect transformations in every aspect of our life, and these internal changes make big changes in the world around us. As you become more unshakable in the full awareness of your extraordinary nature, you transcend old definitions of yourself and express more power, clarity, confidence and energy.” Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Related Experiences to Deepen Seer Skills:

Mystical Insights, Nature Connection Practices & Ceremony, 4 hours 

Held at a Sedona red cliff view site or at a beautiful private site on the creek near Sedona area (when available) which has a large labyrinth, 12-spoke medicine wheel and 4 pathway totem pole ceremonial space. We will do insight journey work to connect with spirit helpers, ancestors, what has called you to Sedona, what is emerging in your vision and more.  This includes Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar, Earth and Sky Speak to Us experiences working with nature energies and training in core ceremonial practices and doing a ceremony to activate your intention (this will flow out of insight journey work).
Sandra has 3 decades of experience leading ceremony and has gained much respect and insight by involvement with Native peoples as a role model in the way they engage with ceremony with their whole heart to bring forth positive outcomes. Study sheets and entry fees included.

Ceremony is another way to activate change and is a good adjunct to the Soul Journey work:

  Circle of Power Teaching and Healing Ceremony

Discover Sedona Vortex-Sacred Site Connections

Sunset, Stars, Nature, Solo Vision Circle program

About Sandra…

Sandra has been working with shamanic journey for more than 20 years with a dedication to empowering others to be their own Seer. Decades of direct experience inform her mentoring/teaching work: exploring and connection to the energies of wild nature, leading and attending ceremony, lucid dreaming, vision quest, mindfulness practices, meditation and insight retreat facilitation.

“Creator gifted me with the ability to hold space for people, to see and reflect back their soul’s gifts in an honoring, supportive way. I resonate with the energies of this land and the her spiritual overseers. I create a powerful, yet safe and sacred space for you to connect with these energies, with your own Light. But your own willingness to be in loving communion with all that you are without judgment gives wings to your journey!”

Each of us has the innate ability to obtain guidance direct from Source for our own healing and vision. Sometimes we just need someone to reflect back our light, to give us new tools, to nudge us, give us a new insight when we are up against a stuck place, to encourage and support us to go through the doorway of our deepest fears.

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