Sedona Shamanic Practice

Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic

Shamanic Insight Sessions| Programs in Nature| Ceremonies|  Sedona Retreats:
direct experience with the sentient universe to develop your own mystic insight skills.

Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Insight Sessions

At studio or outdoor location a few minutes south of Sedona.

  • You receive training, feedback and mentoring.
  • Shamanic journey practices are natural, innate talents that can be developed.
  • Breath work, ceremony, and sound healing instruments used to integrate and rebalance.

On-Line Shamanic Insight Mentoring Sessions

option for those outside the Sedona area

Outdoor Shamanic Skills Programs

Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey & Ceremony outdoor workshop:
4 or 6 hours. Shamanic journeys are woven with nature connection experiences.  We co-create ceremonies for healing, balance, new beginnings. This is a foundational program.  At Sedona cliff view sites or a private site on Oak Creek (when available).
Recommend doing this following the Sedona Sacred Vortex Circle.

1 person waking a Sedona 7-path labyrinth. This is a ceremony to walk your new path during shamanic journey outdoor workshops in Sedona.

Labyrinth Ceremony






Full moon rising over red butte represents full moon mystic vision and ceremony circleSunset-Starlight Nature at Night & Solo Vision Circle3 – 3.5 hour experiential evening outdoor workshop.  Connect with nature at night, ancestor wisdom, star awareness, being in solo vision circle.  This is an an introduction to vision quest as a spiritual practice. 


Power Animal Allies of our Soul: Connecting with Instinctual Wisdom2-day Sedona area outdoor retreat.  An insightful & empowering core power animal connections training program. Direct experiences with their energies and compassionate wisdom.


Woman laying on back on Sedona red cliff shelf. Signifies nature connection skills that are part of mystic vision, vision quest and shamanic practice.

Connecting with Earth Energies.

Landscape as Spiritual Doorway Practices: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart outdoor seminar. 2.5  hours training that expands and deepens nature connection practices. Recommended to do this after the Shamanic Journey, Nature Connection & Ceremony outdoor insight seminar or other shamanic training.


Drum for shamanic journey practice, Sedona, Arizona by Sandra Cosentino

Drum I made with Hopi painting of spirit beings emerging

Circle of Power: Drum Healing Ceremony and Teachings  3 hours. A participatory shamanic sound healing ceremony to invoke positive change in your life.  Based on more than 3 decades of experience.


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Self-Discovery – Vision Quest RetreatsPainting of horse looking up and orange sun represents spirit horse, medicine animal, mystic vision retreat

Expand Horizons Insight Retreat, 6 days, any time of year–now available as part 1 or 2 (each one is a 3-4 day program)

Mystic Vision and Seasonal Turning Points Retreats Index with 1 – 5 day programs

Sedona Vision Quest Retreat, deepens 6-day program with solo overnight in nature. 7-8 days.

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