Aligning with Greater Self Shamanic Skills Development Retreat

Shamanic Journey practice & Ceremony skills 4 to 5 day retreat.

Includes mentored experiences of you doing your own healing work with extraction and soul retrieval.  And your receive and participate in a shamanic drum healing ceremony.

Drum for shamanic journey practice, Sedona, Arizona by Sandra Cosentino

Drum I made on which Hopi artist painted spirit beings emerging

The core of shamanic skills is the experience of direct revelation—to communicate first-hand with your spiritual allies.

Shamanic journeys give us the opportunity to reveal and interact with a much larger reality. In this way you gain a  higher perspective, which is not so readily available in daily reality.

We begin with a outdoor shamanic journey, nature connection and ceremony workshop at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek.  The other 4 shamanic practice sessions are normally held at studio location; however, during the covid pandemic will be at an outdoor park site).

Retreat Pathways

Shamanic Skills. You will experience a series of shamanic journeys and related practices that build your shamanic skills.

The rapid drum rhythm accompaniment helps relax the thinking mind. Then, using intention and focus, you enter the non-linear field of expanded reality.

Nature Mysticism. The first day is a field session where you weave nature connection with shamanic insight work. Shamanism evolved within the context of humans working with the natural life forces.

We also work with supportive inner pathways skills that enhance seeing.

You participate in a shamanic drum healing ceremony and learn effective, time-honored ceremonial principles and drumming skills.

Sandra Cosentino mentors you to develop your shamanic skills and offers intuitive insights based on decades of experience.

Day 1 is an outdoor seminar.
Days 2 – 4 are studio sessions which are being held at an outdoor park ramada site at this time.

Cost Per Person:

$900* each with 3 or more people;
$1,150* each for 2 people
$1,500* for 1 person, sessions slightly shorter)

*Plus $30 each entry fee to private site on Oak Creek for outdoor mystic nature shamanic journey and ceremony seminar and $7 per vehicle/day for park entrance for sessions.

See reservation/cancellation policies here

please see calendar for dates or can be scheduled at a date that works for you


Recommend doing this over 5 days so you have more nature and integration time on your own.

Daily on your own: go out to special areas practicing the earth-spirit connection skills at dawn, day and evening times between sessions. There will be study sheets and reflection time in the evening.

The first day is an outdoor seminar, all other sessions are held in studio.

Day 1

Option to add Sedona 1.5 hour Vortex Tour Intro* (not included)

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey7 path stone labyrinth signifies ceremony that accompanies shamanic skills development & Earth-Spirit Connection skill and ceremony  seminar on the land. 6 hours with 3 or more (5.5 hours with 2 people; 4 hours for 1).

Deepen seeing, observing, instinctual knowing. We do shamanic journeys to connect with powers of the natural world.  Inspirations from your insight experiences are activated with ceremony.
Held at a private site on Oak Creek with several ceremonial sites.2 women touching a sycamore tree signifies nature connection is an important part of shamanic journey practice

Day 2

Insight Session: Inner Pathways – Conscious Evolution
Effective, experiential insight tools to enhance shamanic seeing.  For example, we work with lucid dreaming, meditation, and tracking-clearing energies. We listen to body wisdom.  You experience Here-Now Presence as your point of power, and chakra clearing along with sound healing.

2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person)
Insight sessions are described here

on own during day: practice sitting in solo circle, water-rebirthing ceremony at a prehistoric sacred spring and pueblo ruins site.

Insight SessionPast-Future Selves, Current Issues, Mystic child connection, 
Re-dreaming ceremony to recast energies from potent events of your life into your new evolution now. Connect with past and future selves that are meaningful to you here and now. Reclaim visionary childhood connections. Connect with ancestor wisdom. Deepen skill level with aware dreaming. Shift embedded patterns as you connect with your greater potential self. Tune in to other topics for guidance.
2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person)

Day 3

Advanced Insight Session: Extraction, Release Non-beneficial Energies
We connect with supportive Helper Spirits. Then we (you do your own direct insight work and I journey on your behalf as well) journey to uncover what is key for you to deal with at this time.  Next, you call on your spiritual allies to support you in an experience of clearing. We follow up with ceremony and sound healing to restore your energetic matrix.  This is not a magic bullet. But you can make an energetic break through.  The healing deepens with your follow up practices.

2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person)

Drawing of a black lizard with a spiral tail on gold background; this is a symbol of ceremony and connection with the expanded reality.Circle of Power/ Medicine Wheel Teaching and Healing Ceremony,
This is a focused shamanic healing ceremony. We work with intention, ceremonial protocols, and directing energies to create positive change in your life.( 2 hours with 1 person; 2.5 hrs with 2 people; 3 hrs with 3-4 people)

Day 4

Advanced Insight Session: Soul Retrieval
This work is to reclaim more of your soul’s presence and vital energy that might be separated from you or weakened in expression in your life.   This can be due to traumas, misperceptions, and various life experiences. You learn how to track in the Lower World to find what is lost or hidden. Then we (both you and I) track and retrieve a part of you that is ready to be present in your life now. This is a profound act of coming home to self–a deeply self-nurturing and freeing experience.
2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person)

On your own during afternoon: Integrate soul retrieval work, continue nature practices at different sites.
Write your new mythology, Create a symbolic spirit mandala

Day 5

Insight Session: Creative Explorations, Conscious ReCreation, Imagining
This is a creative series of journeys that extend your insight experiences into future movement and direction.
2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person)

Closing: Sharing your new mythology and preparing for the journey home.

Supportive Options

Sedona Vortex and Sacred Sites introduction, 1.5 hours at a red rock site to prepare you to explore on your own.  This will  give you a deeper connection to and knowledge of the many special sites around Sedona plus map and info booklet.

Full moon rising behind a red butte signifies a ceremony to align with the greater self.

Sunset – Starlight Nature – Solo Circle, 3 – 3 1/2 hours. Good to add this nature at night experience to deepen your earth-spirit skills and develop confidence with some time being solo in nature while in sacred circle

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