Sound Healing: The Power of Sound to Heal, to Create New Life

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Sound Healing:

The Power of Sound to Heal,  to Create New Life

“The very air seems to shiver and vibrate as a multitude of harmonic tones reaches out into an infinite universe. The essence of your cells — your very being — reacts, reorganizes, and harmonizes. “

Most of this article on sound healing is based on concepts presented by Mitch Nur and Two Horses Running at their Sacred Sound Retreat held in New Mexico in August, 2002. They want this knowledge to be shared and brought out into the world.  See more about Mitch Nur and his work in video: Circles of Sacred Sound High Quality

Vibration is the basis of life.

Every sound you ever made echoes still. Sound waves never entirely disappear. Every part of our body has its own frequency. Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Different frequencies influence genes and cells. Form is created by underlying vibration. A solid is actually a wave, created and organized by pulse.

Sound energy can be used to heal when entities vibrating at different frequencies come into resonance with one another.

Sound can trigger memories, release past memories, stimulate joy.

Sympathetic resonance is a healing technique in which the practitioner applies positive intention, focus and attention to the sound healing instrument being used. The harmonics create the shift.


Chanting is moving energy outward by making tones.

Strong internal vibrations are created that can cleanse the chakras, rebalance energy systems. Without intention, chanting is only for enjoyment. Chanting is the essence of spirit becoming form in movement through matter.

Singing allows the breath to deepen, emotions to open.

Sacred sound can help you find your inner hum in the center of your being and let it resonate through your body. Music mimics nature, the cells, the organs the internal workings of the body. Ideas are sound when they ring true.

We each have a unique tone. Our body needs attunement. Our wounds must be opened to release.

Every word has a breathe behind it. There are degrees of intensity from the simple inhale and exhale, to blowing which directs air to the highest intensity which is sound which is initialized movement of breath.

A sudden stirring of energy is called emergent phenomena. This is the power of creation such as occurs when lightning strikes, a meteorite enters our atmosphere, new life spontaneously is created, or when we sing or pray out loud from the core of our being.

Mitch says, “A morphic field is created by long term chanting of prayers, but the tradition must have remained pure.”

historic photo of fall women’s dance.

I think of the Hopi peoples who have been devoutly voicing and chanting the sound waves of their prayers into the earth and atmosphere for thousands of years. When you enter their lands you enter the frequency field of this land pregnant with prayers. Prayer feathers vibrate the pure intention placed in them by the Hopi priests for the benefit of all. Thousands upon thousands of prayers radiating from prayer feathers placed in shrines all over the Colorado Plateau, in each home, even in their cars and on refrigerators.


Amitabha Stupha, Sedona, Arizona by Sandra Cosentino

The Tibetan Buddhists too radiate their prayers out from their prayer flags–called windhorses–and prayer wheels and resonant chanting.  The Amitabha Stupha in Sedona  is filled with sacred objects that have been blessed and the whole building and the entire site radiate out sound vibrations of all the positive blessings.  This has become a special sacred site in Sedona.

“From ancient shamanism to modern organized religions, all cultures have used sacred instruments, including the human voice, for prayer and healing. But nowhere on earth has the intentional use of sound for ritual, worship, and healing been developed to such a degree as in the snow-crowned peaks and windstruck plateaus of Tibet, origin of exquisitely resonant singing bowls, cymbals and bells”, says Debra Denker (Transformational Healing with Sacred Tibetan Instruments)”.

Debra says, “The very air seems to shiver and vibrate as a multitude of harmonic tones reaches out into an infinite universe. The essence of your cells — your very being — reacts, reorganizes, and harmonizes. The ever-questing mind finds itself at an unfamiliar peace, allowing the body to come into a natural healing state of equanimity.”

Drum Healing Ceremony

Canyon de Chelly drumming circle during a vision quest retreat. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Drum healing ceremonies have for over decades been my first-hand experience with the powerful rebalancing, life renewing results of sound healing. The combination of  focused intention, prayers to the powers of the universe spoken out loud from the heart combined with the drum vibration directly over the receptive, recumbent recipient’s body stimulates change.

Each participant drums and becomes a living tube of flowing universal energies, a vibrating channel for waves of energy and sound. You receive a healing by giving as well as being the recipient. (For more information on this, see Circles of Power, Drum Healing Ceremony).

Over time, I have added more sound healing instruments and human voice chants and songs, seeing how these complement and amplify healing effect of the drum vibrations. After my experiences with Mitch and Two Horses, I incoporated the ancient Himalayan singing metals and gong paired with clear focused intention.

The singing metals are sacred alchemy

The best quality modern instruments, made in exile in Nepal and Indian, are crafted of seven metals. Cheaper imitations are not nearly as resonant or long lasting in their tones, and only contain five metals or bell brass.

The ancient alchemical formula, according to Mitch and Two Horses, has been lost in the past centuries due to invasion by outside forces. The ancient vessels were “potentiated with spontaneous occurrence by the inclusion of meteorites”. Mitch says, “The better the alchemy, the better the sound–the vibrational science.” Healing mantras and sound were “injected” into the patient’s body by the Bonpo shamans. Water within the human body is the conduit carrying the sound which then vibrate the bones and muscles.

Photos of these sound instruments shown below are by Two Horses Running, except for the bowl photo which is by Mitch Nur. They are from the 9ways website.  I highly recommend taking their excellent training in sound therapy or as a quality source of purchasing sound instruments.
Mitch videos: playing tingsha;  playing deep gong

Tibetan Singing Metals

Vibration + Visualization = Manifestation. Creation myths from around the world speak of sound as the originating act of creating life on earth. May you find your soul’s song and resonate it joyfully to all of Creation!

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article first published 2002, updated Jan. 23, 2017