Spirit of the Juniper Tree: article, drawings, images, poems

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Drawing of 2 juniper trees that touch each other with juniper harmony notes on margins.

“Junipers Connect…Harmony. The smallest of branches touch at the tips hinting at the secret of life and creation.” By Teresa Settles.

Spirit of the Juniper Tree

article by Sandra Cosentino


Artistry, photos and poetic reflections by Teresa Settles (of North Carolina)
inspired by her April, 2006 spirit of nature experiences in Sedona

Plant Spirit Consciousness

Plants metabolize sunlight into energy for the benefit of all of the earth. Like animals, each plant has a unique spirit or energy form. Plant beings have a consciousness we can connect to if we slow down and tune in. Have you every noticed how certain trees or flowers make you feel happy or soothed or like they are special friends? You have a feeling or connection to them.

Ancient pharmacopoeias of nature-oriented societies developed out of listening to the spirit of the plants, teaching humans how to use them.

Growing on rocky, sun soaked, arid sites–the rugged, enduring juniper is a special plant in the Southwest; in a sense, one of the spiritual guardians. Native peoples here burn its needles for purifying homes, human energy fields and and ceremonial spaces. The needles and berries are boiled into an immune strengthening tea. The trunk and branches make the best firewood around–aromatic and steady burning. Sore joints and wounds are soaked in a boiled juniper solution. Juniper roof beams thousands of years old still survive in prehistoric cliff dwellings around the Southwest. A Hopi wise person told me the spirit of the caretaker of this earth travels with the juniper.

I often start earth spirit connection experiences with guests by tuning into the spirit of juniper. Most people have an experience of feeling deeply welcomed and embraced by this land during our juniper journeys. Some even connect with ancestor spirits and begin to sense the deeper “medicine” of juniper.

Medicine in this sense is the ancient way of saying that each unique creation on earth has its own unique connection to Source which will reveal itself to you in a way that is helpful to you if you are open, if it is right for you and if your enter in friendship.

“Observe how any plant interacts with soil, air, minerals, animals and insects. Everything around it is enriched and benefited by its presence. Plants live in harmony with nature. One might even say that plants are nature. Out of this union comes their incredible generosity to us and to all their other fellow creatures. ..Plant medicine connects us to the spirit of place. ..Connection with nature is health; health is life. ..How we relate to the landscape within is how we relate to the landscape without. Plants wish us well in every way. They can provide not only for our physical needs, but also for our heart and soul. They are perfectly willing to bring us into the blessings of their union with nature. But, they can do nothing unless they are asked.” from Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan.

I really enjoyed how deeply and quickly Teresa made her own connection to the spirit of juniper as you can see from her drawings, photos and words herein. I am happy to share that with you in hopes you will be inspired to connect in friendship to the living spirit of your favorite plant beings.

Junipers flex in different directions in this drawing my Teresa Settles representing them telling their story.


Fresh air, fair sun and the Juniper trees
The drums play, my head tilts back
The Juniper flexes and bends getting ready
to tell its story…………

Harmony and sharing, creating and caring
Branches from two Junipers reach for one another
Getting smaller and smaller like veins reaching through time standing
Until they are reduced to the tiniest common element –
From which all life springs
The branches mirror each other saying
“creation is simple just reflect yourself”

Teresa Settles / May 2006



Junipers bent by the wind on red cliff in Sedona by Teresa Settles.

Windswept junipers on Airport Vortex cliffside by Teresa Settles

The Sun and Wind are Juniper’s friends
As is also Mother Earth

The sun greets in the morning with a gentle kiss
and gives the day its birth
But in the mid-day the Sun grows bold
and scorches where the Earth is dry
The Juniper feels the heat on the Earth
and offers a battle cry
“If you forget your strength and burn too hot
Then I will stand in your way

The Wind can be still and watch and wait
Until it is time to blow
The Wind can bring a fresh cool breeze
and needed rain and snow
But sometimes the Wind forgets his friends
and looses self-control
The Juniper hears the skin of the Earth come loose
and listens to her cries of woe
“Don’t worry about the fierce, strong wind
my roots will hold you firm”
The purpose of the Juniper is balance and harmony
From which we all can learn

Teresa Settles / May 2006


On the edge is where I belong
My life force pushes me forward
I am a foot soldier on the front line
I dream heavy and I work hard
I pray that God will always
keep this path open for me
To live, to love and always be free
to learn and grow
I ask for conscious and subconscious
communication in this life
to help advance this cause
Keep me in God’s divine light.
Ah hooo

Teresa Settles / April 2006

Juniper top branches, with sky above with clouds represents juniper reaching for the sky.

Juniper Reaching to the sky by Teresa Settles


I am the one with many questions
I am curious
I want to know for growing’s sake
My heart is pure
I will share all I am
with those who are willing to share with me
Ah hooo
I have always been and will always be
May Gods’ light shine on me
and all those I come in contact with
Ah hoo

Teresa Settles / April 2006

posted May 7, 2006; updated Mar. 3, 2008, January 17, 2017, September, 2019

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