Spirit of Sedona Welcome Circle

Spirit of Sedona Circle is a warm welcome to the land, peoples, and stories.

Your native-to-Arizona guide gives a feeling sense of Sedona, which is an ancient and modern-day place of pilgrimage and inspiration.

Sedona sunrise over cliffs with colors of purple and peach. Photo represents how the beauty of Sedona has made it a modern place of pilgrimage and inspiration.

Sedona summer dawn – photo by Rusty Albertson

View of Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock, Sedona from a scenic red rock vista where we do circles and outdoor seminars.

Thunder Mountain view from one of our scenic circle sites.

We meet at a scenic vista site in Sedona for a one hour circle. Timing:  can be dawn, during the day, at sunset or even by starlight

Some Spirit of Sedona Circle topics:

  • High desert ecosystem intro and geological processes revealed in the cliffs
  • Ancestor people and their descendants, the Hopi–who maintain spiritual links to shrines and dozens of prehistoric village sites here
  • Yavapai-Apache people, who still live here
  • Nature as a living presence
  • Today’s stories of vortex energies and Sedona as a place of spiritual connection
  • You have the option to drum and rattle and do a short closing ceremony.

Cost: $45 pp with 3 or more (group discounts available) $60 pp with 2  for a 1 hour program, but can customize a longer program.  Discounts apply for groups of 5 or more.

I recommend this option If you plan to explore Sedona on your own: Vortex, Scenic, Ancestor Sites outdoor seminar.

3 chairs on Sedona red earth surrounded by green shrubs. This represents the feeling of doing a Sedona outdoor seminar or circle.

Circle in Nature by Sandra Cosentino

Sandra Cosentino has guided Sedona, Hopi and Navajo tours since 1991.  She is a life long explorer of northern Arizona lands and cultures.  Therefore, she has a wealth of stories, a knowledge of the land, and more than 3 decades of experience with Native peoples of the region. Sandra founded  Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, a-non-profit service group, in 1999.

“Sedona, Arizona resonates with the heart beat of the earth. You can feel a presence here that quickens the senses; thus, it feels like home for many. Sedona is an eye-dazzling gateway into the Colorado Plateau, the second largest plateau in the world.

Eons of the Earth’s creation is exposed in sinuous red and white canyons. These cliffs are a primordial force of crystalline rock that are embedded with prayers from many millennia of humans honoring this sacred earth.”

excerpt from article by Sandra Cosentino

New snow on Sedona's Eagle Head Rock. It represents how each season has its gifts, its own energetics and beauty that has made Sedona a place an ancient and modern place of pilgrimage and inspiration.

Each season has its gifts, its own energetics and beauty.

Personalized Sedona Ceremony created for you to celebrate, honor, bless, begin something new. Details here

Other Inspirational Circles:

Full Moon Inspiration and Ceremony Circle 2 hours from sunset into stars come out  — heart to heart with the earth and celestial energies Explore Sedona on your own after: Scenic-Sacred Sites Circle 

Sedona Sunset Spirit Circle 1 hour

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