Spirit of Southwest Articles Index



  • Shamanic Journey in Today’s World:
    Direct Experience with the Sentient Universearticle
  • Shamanic Journey Sessions Details
  • Power Animals Bring Gifts of Vibratory Infusionarticle

Vision Quest

  • Vision Quest, Communing With our Soul in Naturearticle
  • Why Do a Vision Quest Retreat?article
  • Vision Quest Perspectivesarticle
  • The Will of the Heart, Earth Energies and Visionarticle
  • The Call to Deepen Vision: Nature Sojourn on the Colorado Plateauarticle


  • Ceremonial Circles–essence of ceremony–article
  • The Power of Sound To Heal article

Nature Mysticism

  • Expanded Now Awareness in Naturearticle
  • Attention–A Core Mystical Perception Skillarticle
  • Nature Mysticism is a Callingarticle
  • Mystical Contemplation & Frequencies of Consciousnessarticle

  • Honoring Earth: Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heartarticle
  • Sedona Sacred Site is a Summer Solstice Markerarticle
  • Freeing Our Indigenous Soularticle
  • Primal Vibrations of Nature and Mystical Perception Bring Us Home to Who We Really Are–article

  • The Patterns in the Stars are Patterns in Usarticle 
  • Conversation with Naturearticle

Conscious Creation Skills

  • Conscious ReCreation: Instigating the Next Becomingarticle
  • Healing Dreams excerpt
  • Ride the Wind: Invite Intuitionarticle
  • Listening, Flow and Changearticle

Seasonal Energies

  • Spring Equinox, good time to know your true east and west article
  • Summer Solstice Energiesarticle
  • Fire on the Sacred Mountain–summer solstice sign for all peoplearticle
  • Winter Call of the Sonoran Desertarticle
  • Winter Solstice Hopi 2012 Incubation Timearticle 


  • A Burning Testament essay by Terry Tempest Williams
  • Wild Places Charge our Imaginationarticle
  • Captivated by the Spell of the Southwest–Maynard Dixon paintings
  • Call of Sedona’s Canyons & Landscape Templesarticle
  • Answering the Call of the Desert article

  • Tri-Cultural Mosaic: Cultures and Spectacular Landscapes of Northern New Mexico article  


  • Agave Roasting: A Prehistoric Puebloan and Apache Traditionarticle
  • Spirit of the Juniper Tree article  
  • Creosote Desert Shrub That Smells Like Rain article
  • Fluttering of Butterfly Wings Ripple in My Heart–Desert Garden article-images


  • Mid-Winter Landscape of the Soul; John O’Donohue wisdomarticle
  • Mayan Cosmo Vision and Grand Canyon images-article
  • Venus Transit, June 2012: Astronomy, Myth, New Age Perspectives–article  


  • What is Healing? Sage Words From Native American Wisdom Keepers article
  • Honoring the Passage of Death–A Native American perspective on crossing over article

  •  Weaving Life in the Dine World, Navajo Weaver interview
  • Navajo Rugs by Winnie Henry, images.
  • Yavapai Ancestral Spiritual Beings legend and painting


  • Leave No Trace Guidelines as you Enjoy Hiking article
  • Tread Lightly – Tips for Low Impact Backcountry Driving article