Spring Equinox Sedona March, 2024: Nature Energy, Insight Experiences & Ceremonies

Sedona Spring Equinox
Invoke Fresh Inspirations

Creative connection with spring emergence energies within us and the natural world.

Sedona, Arizona area

Spring equinox poster with fruit trees in bloom. Show spring equinox as a time of renewal ad new beginnings.

Outdoor spiritual insight, nature connection and ceremony programs inviting joyful infusion of spring energies.

Led by Sandra Cosentino: Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats founder since 1990, ceremonial leader, nature mystic and shamanic practice mentor with more than 35 years experience leading vision quest retreats and ceremonies.

SEE March program info below:

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2024 Spring Equinox special programs

March 9 to 10:
Take a Fresh Look – Instigate Change – explore new possibilities Program

We engage with insight sessions, nature energies and creative ceremony to instigate change and/or stimulate movement in your life that may be more aligned with your Higher Self.

Are you open to new possibilities?
Do you feel a calling to step into new areas of expression?
Are you willing to challenge your own expectations?

This is a flowing program to explore your inner knowing. Sessions are personalized to encourage your personal exploration in a safe and compassionate space.


View of Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock, Sedona from a scenic overlook where we do circles and outdoor seminars.

Thunder Mountain, Sedona by Sandra Cosentino

Mystic Insights & Nature Connection outdoor seminar
Saturday, March 9:
9 am – 12 pm

at Sedona red rock scenic site
Foundational experiences with shamanic journey practice in the context of nature energies. These heartfelt experiences can inspire new perspectives/ideas/. They also encourage expressiveness and energize you.

We invite:

  • Wise spirit helper connections with insight journeys to the drum.
  • Cultivate now awareness, and attention to coincidence, signs, energies, synchronicities, intuitions
  • Vibrational connection with the authentic power of natural world
  • Close with ceremony to activate the insights that flow in

Explore Sedona trails on own in afternoon

Mystic nature, shamanic journey, Sedona Retreat, ceremony, signs, power animals, tree connection, labyrinth, vision circle, direct knowing, spiritual, energies of natureShamanic Insight Sessions & Ceremony – each session builds on the other.
at Cottonwood park on the Verde River lagoons

Verde River lagoon park with winter tree reflection on water represents nature setting, seeking signs, divining walkSunday, March 10:
10 am – 12:30 pm
We will build on the day 1 Mystic Seminar  with: 

  • a series of exploratory shamanic journeys personalized to participants to evoke fresh inspiration
  • joyful signs in nature practices
  • spontaneous art, journaling,  and inner pathways practices to activate your intuitive knowing and support freeing stuck energies

lunch break on own in park, or near-by Old Town Cottonwood or Tuzigoot National Monument

4:30 – 6:30 pm

  • imagine new possibilities insight journeys
  • sound instruments, drumming, and closing ceremony to activate positive change

$320 each with 3 or more total participants;
$420 each with 2 total participants;
$780 with 1 person (the two insight sessions are 30 minutes shorter as a private session)

Group size limited to 10.
Chairs, drums, rattles, study sheets provided.
Not included: transportation, lodging, meals and entry fee to Verde River park of $7/vehicle 

Option If you cannot participate in both days of the program:
Day 1 can be a stand alone program.
If you already have done foundational work in shamanic journey and nature connection practice, you could do day 2 as a stand alone experience.
However, it is a deeper experience as a 2-day program.

March 19 (Vernal Equinox)

program also available at other dates and times during Spring Equinox week June 16 – 23 

Sedona Spirit Sunset
Spring Equinox Ceremony

Chimney Rock sunset-rain by Monica Parsley

5 – 6:30 pm
Meet at a Sedona cliff view site.

Some of the experiences:

  • gain a feeling of the Spirit of Sedona
  • spirit journeys to the drum to connect with your spring inspirations
  • nature energies connection with:  earth-sky-sunset-stars
  • ceremony to activate-celebrate

$70 pp with 3 or more ($100 pp with 2)
chairs, drums & rattles provided

March 16 or 17 or 18

Sacred Spring Re-birthing Ceremony and Insight Experiences to Seed Spring Emergence

8 am – 10 am
meet at an ancestor sacred spring site 35 minutes south of Sedona. 

  • Connect with spirit of place and a wise ancestor spirit at this sacred site.
  • Experience creative mystic insight journeys to the drum in this potent spring energy uniquely created for participants and spring energies connection.
  • Closing ceremony honoring the spring inspirations you are seeding into your life.

Option to do on own after our program:
walk the paved trail to view and connect with the energy of the ancient spring; see remaining ancestor structures. Option to go down several levels of stairs to the spring cave to deepen connections with spirit of place.

Cost: $85 pp with 3 or more; $130 pp with 2

March 23 – 28 or 29

Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic 

Core Skills development
Spiritual Insight
6 to 7 days.

Develops shamanic journey skills as an insight and personal healing tool.  Taught within a framework of nature awareness-attentiveness as a spiritual portal.  Plus skills for deeper seeing; such as, meditation, lucid dream work, mindfulness, and ceremonial activation of insights that flow in.  Mentoring, feedback in support of you perceiving new possibilities.

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