Summer Solstice Celebration of Light: Ceremonies & Mystic Insight programs in Sedona

Sedona Summer Solstice Programs 2022

Activate your spiritual expression in the Peak of the Light.

Summer solstice is a doorway into the second half of the year that energizes your path.
Stand on the threshold and ask yourself: what do you wish to flourish in your life?

This is an auspicious time to to connect with the energies of nature and the mystic pathway of direct knowing. We join in ceremonial circles, deepen spiritual insights, and celebrate connection with the Peak of the Light, Mother Earth, and your vision.

June 20:
Solstice Peak of Light Drum Healing Ceremony & Celebration & Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey special program, 3 hours 

June Sunset Spirit Circles daily at a red rock overlook, 6 – 7:30 pm

June 18 – 25:
Summer Solstice Vision Quest Retreat

Power Animals Allies of our Soul, 2-day outdoor workshop.

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Summer Solstice Doorway
Activated by solar infusion of Light, every cell is stimulated to flow more energy.
Inner and outer pathways become energized.
Antennae attuned to the greater field of wisdom, new horizons appear calling us to action.
This fire energy becomes an invitation to cleanse what no longer serves.
Conscious choice to evolve beyond our known edge can be activated in ceremonial circle.

ceremony, circle of power drum healing, shamanic journey

image by Alka Kapoor

Our instinctual knowing relies on sensory data from every cell of our body which is pulsing with vibratory information from the surrounding universe. This instinctive intelligence gives us the capacity to read signals, clues and patterns.

We deepen this with shamanic journey practice. These direct experiences of expanded reality shift perceptions and create new neural pathways. New insights flow in that support conscious re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your soul.

Coming together in ceremony at these seasonal turning points support us to evoke energies that generate positive change in our life. As we walk our prayers in symbolic heart-centered actions, it becomes a felt experience in our body and our mind starts to get it.

Summer Solstice 2022 special programs

June Sunset Spirit Circles available daily at a red rock overlook, 6 – 7:30 pm

June 20: details TBA
Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey and Earth Connections &
Summer Solstice Celebration of Light Drum Healing Ceremony 

We meet for sunset-stars program 

You receive shamanic insight journey mentoring-feedback in a series of visionary journeys in which you connect with wise Helper Spirits. We activate insights & intentions that flow in with ceremonies using Oak Creek, medicine wheel, and an ancestor wheel.

  • medicine walk to develop attentiveness skills and connect with nature energies
  • nature energy connections
  • earth bonding, sense signs, shapeshift energetically
  • drum healing ceremony
  • solo vision time under the stars


Led by Sandra Cosentino based on her lifetime of connection with the natural world and more than 3 decades experience leading nature-cultural tours, mystic insight programs and ceremonies.  Sandra has been deeply inspired by decades of sharing friendship and respect with Native American people and their earth spirit practices that stem from thousands of years of the cultural evolution in relation to Mother Earth.  In this seminar she shares universal practices that are part of our shared human heritage on this planet and does not copy specific tribal rituals.

June 18 – 25, 2021

Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

June, 2022: 2-day outdoor workshop arranged at a date that works for you:

Power Animals Allies of our Soul outdoor workshop.

The nine power animals symbolize the gifts-aspirations-challenges you came into this life with.  I visualize them as a support team, an energetic matrix, that you can consciously connect with to aide in your authentic expression.

Medicine animals, the spirit of wild animals, permeate our consciousness and are with us all the time, either in physical or symbolic form, with life-positive support. When they connect with us, it is unique to our need and circumstance. Essentially we receive an energetic infusion. The gift of the power animal connection comes from our spirit that is calling us to allow our cells to recalibrate to hold more light, power and energy.

Insight journey work has shown me glimpses of vast consciousness surrounding us like a giant computer system. A circle of high frequency guides and animal spirits are interwoven into this net of consciousness around us.

Something in us triggers a response from this network–opens a link for consciousness to communicate with consciousness via vibration. Reciprocity is flowing both ways in this connection and triggers new creation in both us and the other intelligencer (animal spirit). This mutually respectful interaction flows from biological connection to the greater field of intelligence and is part of evolving consciousness in the physical reality. Our DNA is a receptor for spirit that is vaster than this biological incarnation.

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Led by Sandra Cosentino based more than 3 decades of experience with insight practices, nature energies, lucid dreaming, and leading ceremony and retreats.

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Hopi Indian Lands
Solstice Spirit Journey or independent travel journey arranged 

These journeys are not available at this time.


Summer Solstice at Hopi is an important turning point in the ceremonial cycle of the year.  We will have special circles, backcountry rock art site exploration.

Hopi tour, Hopi guide

Hopi Mesa cliff trail with Hopi guide

painting by John Steele: "We Bring the Rain"

painting of Hopi Kachinas by John Steele: “We Bring the Rain”

“Katsinam are Hopi spirit messengers who send prayers for rain, bountiful harvests and a prosperous, healthy life for humankind. They are our friends and visitors who bring gifts and food, as well as messages to teach appropriate behavior and the consequences of unacceptable behavior. Katsinam, of which there are over two hundred and fifty different types, represent various beings, from animals to clouds.”
Hopi Cultural Preservation Office

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