Sedona Vortex Intro and Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey outdoor seminar Combo

Sedona Vortex Circle and
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony outdoor workshop

This combo prepares you to explore Sedona on your own and make aware connection with the energies, signs, knowings flowing around you in the greater field of consciousness.

Thunder Mountain with trees in foreground outdoor Sedona scenic site

Red rock scenic site–one of our outdoor seminar locations for Vortex Intro.

1:  Vortex – Scenic – Ancestor Sites Seminar at a scenic red rock site on the land, 1.5 hours

Sedona is a place where we are still today creating a mythology in relation to the land.  I share Native American perspectives, metaphysical legends and unique qualities that have made Sedona a place of inspiration since prehistoric times.

And you have your stories to discover as you explore on your own putting in practice the earth spirit connections shared in part 2!

The Vortex seminar is an depth overview of Sedona area and intro to energy connections:

  • Scenic, sacred and ancestor sites
  • Natural history & geology
  • Native American prehistory, perspectives, and tribes today
  • Vortex sites (and modern day mythology about them) and many other special places within Sedona’s landscape Temples
  • discussion of spiritual energies of nature and qualities that have made Sedona a place of pilgrimage for millennia bringing Sedona area alive for you in a deeper way
  • Native American thought, metaphysical perspectives, vortex stories, geomancy, and science

Includes map-sites info packet, safety tips, and access info for US Forest Service, state park, national monument, private sites included.
We meet at a red rock scenic site in Sedona; transportation not included.

Plus Part 2 below

2:  Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey, and Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4 hours.

Held at Sedona locations or at beautiful private site on Oak Creek several miles south of Sedona (when available)

Shamanism is based on a deep, living relation to Nature and seer skills. Wild beings, trees, canyons have an energy field–a kind of consciousness–that we can connect with for healing, guidance, new vitality.

Medicine Wheel with cone shaped peak in background.

Medicine Wheel at private site.

In a series of spirit journeys to the drum, we connect with medicine animals, wise helper spirits, tree wisdom and more for personal insight and enlivening vibrational infusion of balancing energies. Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of direct experience. 

We weave these insight experiences with nature connection and ceremony to activate positive change. This is core-earth spirit training seminar.
Please see more details here.


TOTAL for Vortex-Mystic Nature Combo:
$200 pp with 3 or more; $270 pp with 2
($460 with 1–Vortex Circle is 1 hour)

Each program on own:

  • Sedona Vortex Circle, 1.5 hours:
    $44 pp with 3 or more; $65 pp with 2 ($120 with 1)
  • 4 hour Mystic Nature-Shamanic Journey Seminar
    $160 each for 3; $220 each for 2 ($380 for 1)

Included: Study sheets, experiential program, use of chairs, drums and rattles for outdoor seminars

Not included: Transportation, $30/person entry fee if private site on Oak Creek is used or $7 per vehicle for park entry at Verde River site on Cottonwood if we go there.

The time will fly by–there is so much to share!

Led by Sandra Cosentino, who has a wealth of stories and info to share. She is native to Arizona with 3 decades of experience leading tours, insight retreats, teaching pathways of the modern day mystic, and ceremonies in the Sedona area; and Hopi* and Navajo journeys. She created Crossing Worlds in 1991 to share her passion for this region, the ancestor cultures, and mystic knowing pathways.

Nature connection in Sedona: Vortex Tour, Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey, Earth and Sky Speak to Us with Crossing Worlds Journeys. Photo by Sandra CosentinoLandscape of the Imagination

“This is coyote’s country
a landscape of the imagination
where nothing is what it appears.”
Terry Tempest Williams

“What is it exactly that called me here?
Mystery is what called me here–
the answers to questions I hadn’t known yet to ask, hadn’t lived yet.
Something Wise knew I was getting ready
to ask those questions–and to hear the answers
and it called me in so that we could talk.”
China Indigo Jones

bighornwheelComplementary Program:

Circle of Power/Medicine Wheel Teaching and Healing Ceremony is a powerful way to put your new vision into motion as we work with intention and prayer to invoke cosmic and earth energies. this is a shamanic healing/rebalancing using drums, sound healing instruments, hands-on energy and cross-cultural ways for working with the power of the circle.