Wupatki, Sunset Crater, Painted Desert, Sacred Peaks Spirit of Place Journey

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Mystic Connections – Spirit of Place Seminar-Journey

Connect with the power of place for grounding, awareness and inspiration.

Absorb vibration of place as we move through dramatic volcanic landscapes and ancestral prehistoric ruins. Practice visioning in nature skills to stimulate inspiration and a sense of connection.

We enter with an honoring energy to open communication with the resonant energy field of these ancient and modern-day places of spiritual pilgrimage.

North of Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon opens onto the Colorado Plateau and the San Francisco Peaks – the highest point in Arizona. For Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Zuni, Apache and other tribes, this is a holy place associated with deities, ancestors, life giving moisture and ceremony. Mythic meanings merge with your own heightened perception of natural energies, power of place.

The Sunset Crater volcanic field and Wupatki prehistoric village areas evoke their own Spirit of Place and Presence. Here, dramatic landscapes of cinder cones, lava flows, and prehistoric ruins with a blowhole (which Native people say is an earth breathing place) offer special opportunities for attuning to earth energies.

The rugged open landscapes give panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks’ eastern side and of the Painted Desert.  Here, awe is a spontaneous response.  And these are great places to practice sitting in vision circle as  you experience the greater field of beauty and life energy around you.

Learn of the geological Grand Staircase which reveals one-third of the earth’s evolution, the natural and human history of this region and ancestral world views. There will be short walks, a mystic connections seminar on the land and attunement practices at different sites.

See my video of a nature and spirit of place connection time at Citadel Ruins.

This customized program for people with their own transportation, is led by Sandra Cosentino, who is native to Arizona. She shares her informed passion, depth of knowledge and decades of experience with the places, energies and Peoples of the region.
4 hours:
Available as a seminar meeting on site.

2–3 day Sacred Lands program available as Independent Travel Journey  or for groups with their own transportation:
~~ Grand Canyon Sacred, Hopi, Navajo Earth Spirit Journey
~~ Mystical Connections-Vision Time Seminar at the Canyon.