Activate Intuitive Knowings, a 1-day Sedona Insights in Nature outdoor program

Activate Intuitive Knowings 

Sedona ceremony, drumming, Nature Retreats1-day Sedona Mystic Insight & Ceremony program

An introductory experience with mystical knowing pathways that invites refreshing perspectives that can enrich your life:

Spirit Helper Connections, & Signs in Nature Mystic Insight Circle, morning , 3 hours
Sunset Activation Ceremony, 1.5 hours (or option to do closing ceremony the next morning following your own dawn and/or evening vision circle time in nature)

Thunder Mountain rainbow, Sedona

Thunder Mountain by Monica Parsely

You will experience a series of spirit journeys to the drum to invite moments of insight and meaningful inner connection.  You may have experiences with power animals, wise guides and nature energies or personal insights that are unique for you at this time.

Sandra Cosentino invites you to trust your intuition, listen to your heart and engage with nature as a portal to spiritual experience.  She mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of experience.  

“Our spiritual mind needs to be active and our heart open to receive the sacred energy of the gift of creation. The sacred power of creation lives in seeds of light that we store in our heart.
Arkan Lushwalah from Peru

We weave these insight experiences with nature and earth energy connection practices.

Flashes of knowing flow in as you relax into an expanded state of Now awareness.

Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change by making the internal shift real to your thinking mind.  This is a personalized experience based on season and what inspired you from your inner journeys and nature connections that you want to activate in your life.

Sunset (or morning) Sun connection is a daily spiritual practice that humans have used since the dawn of time.  Also, it is a potent way for humans to share reciprocity with the natural life forces.  At sunset (or early morning) the sun seems to touch the earth and is symbolic of balance of life force energies.

When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space where:

  • ~ Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance.
  • ~ Time takes on a different dimension.
  • ~ Emotions flow more freely.
  • ~ The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them.
  • ~ All is made new; everything becomes sacred.” (Sun Bear)


$220 pp for 3; $290 pp for 2; $450 for 1
Held at outdoor site at trailhead in Sedona and/or at a Verde River park in Cottonwood; ($7 entry fee/vehicle).
Please email for registration details.

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