Sedona Solar Eclipse circle: energies-insights-ceremony October 14

ceremony, Mystic, Shamanic and Soul Inspiration

Solar Eclipse Sedona special program

Sedona Ceremony

Energies-insights-ceremony as you tune into this celestial event for personal and cosmic inspiration.

 Small group ceremonial setting with red cliff views 

solar eclipse celestial event with insight journeys and ceremony

Since time immemorial, humans have gathered to make life positive connections during celestial events.


View the annular solar eclipse event with solar safety glasses from a Sedona red cliff vista site

Experience Insight Journeys to the drum inviting wise Spirit Helper Connections and your own Knowing:
++ for personal insights and inspiration and
++ compassionate observation of what is ready to be “clipped” (released) 

Earth and Solar Energy connections

Solo Vision CircleShamanic training workshop in nature, Sedona.

Awareness of sun obscurement above, growing shadows on ground and how the energy shifts

Ceremonies: free what is hidden, vision circle, welcome back the Light

Annular Solar Eclipse photo from a 2010 event shows moon shadowing most of the sun. This 2023 event here in Northern Arizona will look like this.

Program inspired by phases of eclipse
8 am – 11 am

Sedona ceremony led by Sandra Cosentino, based on more than 3 decades of experience creating and leading ceremonies, mentoring shamanic journey practice, mystic insight pathways, and nature connection skills with guests from many parts of the worlds.

8:00 am: Solar light begins to be obscured by Moon Shadow

Shamanic journey drum painted by Sandra Cosentino with red cliffs, the sun with a heart in the center and rays of light flowing down from above. Symbolizes connections with Spirit.Insight Journeys to connect with our Inner Knowing and wise, compassionate Spirit Helpers:
What is hidden in shadow?
What is ready to be clipped?

divining walk

8:45 am: Mid – eclipse

Solo vision circle

original ceremonial circle drawing by Sandra Cosemtino

Observe eclipse effects on tree shadows

Insight journeys

Balancing with earth, moon shadow and sun with ceremony, movement

Horse and red sun with golden sky represents new light and spiritual fire

9:31 am: Maximum eclipse

Releasing Ceremony using drum and rattles, voice and ceremonial items

Draw visionary experiences on poster board

Inviting back the Light Ceremony

11 am: eclipse ends

Cost and Reservation details for 3 hour program:

•$130 pp with 3 or more total guests
•$195 pp with 2
•$290 with 1 person and program is 2.5 hours
Special ceremonial events are paid in advance and are non-refundable.
Please email me for payment details.

These are personalized programs.  Limited to 10 guests.
Held outdoors at a red rock vista site in Sedona.  
We meet at the site, transportation not provided. 
Folding chairs and solar viewing safety glasses provided.
Please wear walking shoes and suggest sun hat and sunscreen.

See Ceremony page here