Primal Vibrations of Nature Deepens Consciousness

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Nature Awareness Deepens Consciousness

Primal Energies of Nature and Mystical Perception
Bring Us Home to Who We Really Are

Modern Day Mystic Series

Sun–radiant primal central fire of life–rises at dawn with hopes for a bright new day.  Birds sense this coming pulsation of life.  They sing up the sun.  Their songs vibrate like harp strings though me —I sense life force energies rising.


Sunset Crater at dawn

“Bird language will get inside you and changes you, opening up deeper and deeper levels of perceptive ability…Nature awareness also develops your ability to go into deeper and deeper levels of connected consciousness.”

From Advanced Bird Language, Reading the Concentric Rings of Nature, CD set by naturalist and tracker Jon Young available from Wilderness Awareness School,

Nature Awareness and Mystical Perception

As  you absorb the primal vibrations of nature, you become more and more the mystical being. This is actually a natural state that is all too often is drowned out the the noise of daily life, our busy ego minds, and cultural beliefs.

Mystical perception, to me is a timeless, here-now connection via the heart and mind simultaneously. As you exchange frequencies with the natural place, flashes of knowing beyond the grasp of the intellect often occur.

“By becoming more attuned to the vibrations of life, we come closer to our natural state.  We clear our blocks and our resistances.  We discover the power to be. “ (From Being and Vibration by Joseph Rael from Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico.)

On our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea.  (From the work of Lynne McTaggart, The Field)

Nature Speaks in Profound Knowings

Listening and answering the call of nature, over many decades, has been a profound journey of coming home to who who I really am.

Nature has always called to me.

As a child I lived for the summers in the central Arizona mountains on Aunt Beulah and Uncle Jacks’s ranch.  There I was free to explore the juniper studded hills that held remnants of ancestor homes of those who lived there hundreds of years before my time.

Lit by the softness of gas light and with no TV, nights spent on the porch watching lightning storms were great entertainment.

I could explore mysteries just going to the huge barn of rough sawn lumber from Jack’s mill. Smelling of earthy horse scents and full of hidden places where hens would lay eggs, this was a place I adored. The big corral gates and the loft were such high places from my child ‘s eye view. Yet I was safe there to just be me and explore.

Windmill next to a rancher's loading chute evokes the feeling of the old time Arizona ranches
View of Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock, Sedona from a scenic overlook where we do circles and outdoor seminars.

Thunder Mountain, Sedona by Sandra Cosentino

Only one year of my life has been lived out of sight of mountains.

Mountains most sacred to me with live inside my being.  I have only to envision them and I become their strength, their uplifting connection to high frequency energies.

Having a profound relationship with one mountain links me to high frequency grid of peaks around the world.

For six heavenly months I lived in a Forest Service look out tower on top of the Sierra Ancha Mountains of Arizona. That mountain imbued me with her consciousness and a sense of connection to the ancestors who once resided in cliff homes far below.

Staying overnight alone amid the ruins of Machu Picchu, I had the experience of breathing with the mountain--a deep mystic experience of connection to Divine Source that words still cannot explain now decades later.

Dropped off by plane in the remote rugged Arrigetch Mountains of northern Alaska for a week long backpacking trip, I was deeply imprinted with the essence of wilderness on its own terms for the first time. We hiked and camped in the land of grizzlies and black bears with utmost respect and constant awareness. They were the supreme force there, not us.

That heightened state of awareness is a survival skill.  And it deepens consciousness.

Milky Way galaxy is a special part of Sedona night sky viewing.

Milky Way Galaxy over Sedona cliffs by Monica Parsley

Stars twinkling in the night, circling overhead comfort me and connect me to my greater self in ways I cannot put words to.

I carry in me pulsing star vibrations from many, many nights spent in awe under deep starry skies in wild places.

In Arizona we never used tents, you just make your bed out under the canopy of stars.

I feel the Grand Canyon call to me as if my umbilical cord is being tugged. Something beyond mental understanding calls me to renew my sense of true center in a place that is beyond human scale.

In communion with those depths, I renew my inner hum. 

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, a wonder of the world, and a place of natural power and beauty.
Circular red rock formation in Bear Wallow Canyon, Sedona, is a natural power place. This voice calling to me from my power places and spirit helpers is as real as a phone call from a friend.  That same calling took to Alaska to experience wilderness for 10 years.

That Alaska time ended when I heard in my inner being the voice of the Colorado Plateau:  I am your real Mother, it is time for you to come home now.

Wild nature has infused inspiring lucid dreams.

Even in my soul body in the dream state, I flow through pulsing streams and move through high mountains in a blissful state of union.  I once fell over the edge of the Grand Canyon in a dream and somehow she cradled me on the landing.

 I wonder if all people have such lucid nature experiences in the dream time?  Or does my dreaming come from my direct physical world experience and love of these primal places?  Perhaps dreams and nature are mirrors of the same reality.

May you re-envision yourself in primal places

.……on that windswept seashore, under the sheltering arms of your favorite tree, laying on crystalline red sandstone looking at an impossibly blue sky that goes forever, entranced with the plant beings in your own garden, looking into the soft eyes of a deer in the woods who curiously comes near to you……

May you laugh at yourself when a raucous raven (aka vibrational intelligence looking boldly back at you) breaks into your self-absorbed reverie with its loud mocking call as if daring you to shift into a new energy.

Given even a brief encounter with a coyote’s bold yellow wild eyes, or  in a soul-imprinting moment gazing at the luminous layers of light and color of a sunset over prairie or sea, or seeing the stars out away from city lights–wonder can erupt.

It is never too late.  In a flash we remember we are connected to a vaster universe full of mystery and beauty that is always there, eternally waiting to inspire us directly from Source.

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