Memorial Day & end of May spiritual insight programs in Sedona, Arizona

Memorial Day weekend, May 29 – 31, 2021 and
Special Spiritual Insight Programs for end of May inspired start to summer

May 29 – 31, Memorial Day weekend:

Mystic Vision 3-day Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experiences.

Develop skills working with nature energies as a portal to spirit connection, shamanic journey pathways of the modern day mystic, and participant in a drum healing ceremony.

Crow drinking from creek with red rock reflections; symbolizes end of May Sedona mystic insight retreat
Photo by Rusty Albertson

End of May Spiritual Insight Retreats & Full Moon Circle

May 25 or 26
Sedona Full Moon-Stars Inspiration & Ceremony Circle, 2 hours, at a scenic Sedona overlook.

May 15-22 : Sedona Vision Quest Retreat 8 days,

or May 15-20 can do the 6 day: Full Moon Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat

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